Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Music: Lady Daydream by Twin Sister

I watched a few movies the other day.

One was cherry and it was actually kind of good, despite some odd parts. Rhiannon said it sounds like the graduate but I dont know. I don't like the description on netflix so i'm gonna give you one of my own. Basically its about a boy who is, yes, a cherry who goes off to college and meets a young mom who hes attracted to and surprise surprise she has a 14 year old daughter kind of.....wild. And she starts liking him and he kinda likes her but he kinda likes the mom too. Meanwhile theyre all dealing with weird things like the boy is trying to keep up his scholarship in engineering even though he trully loves art but his moms kind of a b...witch and doesnt support him. and the moms this ex alchoholic who kinda relapses and screws up and is also getting engaged to this guy who the daughter hates. And the daughter (who is played by the girl who was in the show life unexpected and is going to be in the new show the secret circle) has her own issues like trying to take care of her mom and just being a really outgoing.... say what you feel kind of teenager. ANYWAY! I really liked it.

Also! I watched The Art of Getting By which i've been wanting to see forever!!! it was super good too. Emma Roberts character kind of bugged me though. I mean, how could you not be in and know your in love with Freddie Highmore! I mean look at that face!!!!

Also i've been working aand going to school. Which sucks. And ya. I think i'm gonna start tumbling now too on my tumblr which i never post on. So ya! But for now here are some pictaaaas of flowaas

yay flowers.

Monday, September 5, 2011

All I ever wanted

I'm procrastinating a lot right now so I just have this song for you and I love it and I love you people sitting in front of your monitors :D