Sunday, October 24, 2010

VICTORIA: Spider Man.

MUSIC: Nantes by Beirut (I Love love love his voice! so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Friday I saw It's kind of a funny story, and it was kind of a funny story! It was really good. I love love love the guy in it! He was in US of Tara and hes just a cutie.
We've been kind of having movie fridays....or like fashion Island fridays for the past few weeks. Its kinda cool! Last time we saw Easy A which was swell! And before that The Social Network.
SPEAKING of both those movies! Eduardo or Andrew Garfield (really) from the Social Network is playing Peter Parker in the new spider man movie. And Emma Stone from Easy A is playing Gwen Stacy in it. Its gonna be released july 2012, and im wondering if i'll ever really get to see it.....
Aw well heres a picture of him.

You cant really replace Toby Maguire as Spider Man. But hes just like... GOOD LOOKING.


Thursday, October 21, 2010

Eden ---- meep mop smeegly whee

So uh don't ask about the status.... PICTURES FROM HOMECOMING!!!!

my face is all like :D victoria's is all like :) and rhiannon's is all like D:

yeahhhhh we so kewl in our leather!

I look so scary in this one....

nice face victoria... seriously... I LOVE YOUR FACE :D
uh so like yeah today I applied for a job at second spin (used cd store) and it took me like an hour online and they kept asking the same questions and it was like ERGGHHH "are you patient?" agree BUT NOT WHEN YOU'RE ASKING ME THIS OVER AND OVER. So yeah I hope I get the job......... :D
ALSO, uh I posted on my other blog because victoria was taking a long time to post and like I wanted to post so clicky on the edens blog link if you wish to see it (disclaimer: it ain't all that happy).
ALSO, I need to start writing again... at present I'm "attempting" to do math homework and like... yeah I'd rather be reading Looking for Alaska by John Green which victoria let me borrow....
ALSO, today a guy yelled at rhiannon and I "wanna buy some sconces?" or that's what it sounded like to me and it was really really amusing and then we proceeded to pretend to sleep like hobos at the park and I scared a bird away by crawling towards it... all in all a pretty nice day
ALSO, we're seeing it's kind of a funny story tomorrow!!! sadly I cannot do anything on our K.A.C. day because like i'm going to a play and babysitting I do so believe........ SO YEAH TOMORROW IS THE K.A.C. DAY TECHNICALLY BECAUSE LIKE YEAH I'M A FAILURE AT LIFE AND ON THAT NOTE GOOD DAY TO YOU
(music: Endlessly by Muse... I enjoy this song a lot)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Music: Kings crossing by elliott smith!

IT's RAINING! and thundering and lightninging!
from the new Urban catalog
I couldn't resist...

Today I had Pancakes! I'm really excited about this! Ever since I dropped french I've had a free period in the morning to do whatever so I went and had pancakes and watched the rain. Which was nice. So yeah nothing is going on...but I'm strangely excited to begin working at this Boutiquey thing! We volunteered there the other day to like, sort clothes and stuff. The guy said we could probably keep some of the clothes so I'm excited. And then after we're finished volunteering there I'm going to apply to get a job at Second Spin! Which is a used/new music store....I hope they accept me for whooooooo IIII ammmmmmmmm *sobsobsob*. That was weird. Or Barnes&Noble. Anyways!

Speaking of second spin! I bought a cd there the other day from there called A Collection of Songs Written & Recorded 1995-1997 by Bright Eyes.
and its perfect because it's bright eyes...

hummmmmmmm what else? Oh ya! At our school we have this thing called mentor monday, it's like where you pick a career path and people with those careers come in and educate you. I picked music! I was about to pick animals though but I didn't :( I'm kind of sad that I didn't but I think the music one will be fun yo. And I'm really anticipating it (I've used the word excited to much in this post), because ya.

So now I'm going to go and make hot chocolate and watch the rain while it's still here. goodbye!

Saturday, October 16, 2010


UHHHHAHHHHHHHH my head touched Chris Chus from the morning benders!!!!


MUSIC: The Decemberists - O' Valencia

Soooo yesterday was homecoming and we all went. E post pictures pleeezzzzzzzz and yeah zats pretty much it :)


I love pictures of cute couples :)))))

Yay random :)

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Eden -- been thinking

Shocking I know.
ANYWAY!!!!! It's been raining. And I like rain. Except for the hole in my converse. My left foot keeps getting soaked. You needed to know that.
SO RAIN!!!! I love it when it's gloomy outside, it, in my opinion, gives a more thought provoking edge to my days. Not really sure. Either way I love it when it rains but not when I get soaked. Well you should wear rainboots then shouldn't you?! I thought about it... but didn't anyway.
Dunno. If I knew I might tell you. If I knew I wouldn't be so confused. I know I know, how can you be thinking but not know what you're thinking? It's either too complicated to explain or it's all your subconcious. Either way it's annoying.
I HAVE BEEN WATCHING LORD OF THE RINGS! And all I have left is the 3rd movie now... which I will probably watch tomorrow. Then I have season 5 of Doctor Who... and homework. Lots and lots of homework. Which is why this post is late... sorry.
I want to do this vvvv
yay for comic-y things

too soon? possibly. funny? yes.

GOOD BIO!!! that's right. I haven't forgotten about that Victoria.

Friday, October 1, 2010


just got done watching this. again.

song: Promises by the morning benders
Sorry this is really really too late I've just been really busy but anyways!
I went to a wedding! My dad's wedding, which I wasn't too excited about going to but it turned out to be weirdly fun. The girl he married is named Monika from Szchzecin (spelling??) Poland. She was a lot nicer than I expected and she was funny too so I liked her. Apparently at christmas time in Poland she went out and picked mushrooms in the forest with her family heeeeehe. Anyways as usual my dad procrastinated to the very last minute and I had to rush everywhere with him and make him stop every hour for french fries because I was "hungry", but i was really just bored to frickin death because I had to wait for him and his dad and my grandma to try on their suits/dresses.

Oh! and then I went to guitar center practiced to the nice guitar center guy in the acoustic room. Then I bought a speaker from him which I later broke with pliars. And then we went back to my grandmas and recorded the wedding music : Instrumental version of "Somebody" by Depeche Mode, The theme song of Amelie, A song from The Piano. Then we went to the restaurant that my dad reserved for the day of the wedding to test their food and stuff. Then the next day we got my dads wedding band, me and my dad went back to the restaurant so he could set up the keyboards and guitars and speakers. Helped monika get into her wedding dress. Did the wedding. Party at the restaurant....I was the dj! and I played first day of my life on the guitar in front of everyone, I was nervous hehe but I deed it.

I got riinnnngs

yeah so i'm back home now! and I'm really proud of myself, know why? I learned 2 whole songs on the guitar yesterday: Blood Bank by Bon Iver and Lua by Bright Eyes... Its getting easier! Humm what else? Oh it thunderstormed yesterday! finalllyyy. I've been waiting for it to rain and I hope this means there will be more rain because I'm kind of getting tired of the late summer weather. Happy October by the way. What should I be for halloween? Oh and then on friday we went to Fashion Island and saw The Social Network. I love the main guy! and Eduardo,and then we went to Barnes & Noble and didn't tell Ezra he looks like Ezra :( haha, we will though! Eventually...
I have all these mysterious bruises on the back of both my legs! I almost made the song of today "Mysterious Bruises" by Art Brut because it is highly relatable to me at the moment. Because they're just, there! It's weirrd. Maybe I hurt myself in my sleep. Yeah. Well, that's about all that happened this week. Haha I just read this ^^ over again and it sounds like I'm typing on crack. Have a good day.