Sunday, November 28, 2010

eden ------ a six pack

... of fruit roll-ups. they actually lasted much longer than I thought. I still have one for tomorrow.

song: d'yer mak'er by led zeppelin

So like... I didn't know either of the top 5 things off the top of my head... which is kind of sad... I had to google all the bands I like because I think seeing random pictures of the band ruins the band for me...

Anyways, in scattered order (picture uploading... grr), here are my top 5 actors based on looks:

5. Ryan Gosling

In The Notebook and in The Notebook only. And when he doesn't have the beard...

4. Robert Sean Leonard

When he was young. Although he is still rather awesome in house, he's not as good looking as he was in Dead Poets Society

2. Johnny Depp

It was hard to pick a picture because like... yeah he's awesome. So I chose the one with a gun.

1. Topher Grace

I f*cking love Topher Grace. Only in that 70's show though... ERIC FORMAN!!!!!!

3. Leonardo Dicaprio

Only in Titanic and Romeo & Juliet

Musicians based on looks:

1. Brandon Flowers -- The Killers

2. Matthew Bellamy -- Muse

3. Rivers Cuomo -- Weezer

4. Alex Turner -- Arctic Monkeys (and the Last Shadow Puppets)

5. Charlie!!!! but I'm not going to put a picture because that'd be creepy......

SO ANYWHOOZLE (this is the part where you can stop reading if you don't give a shit about my life) I'm at my grandmother's and I've recently acquired Monty Python's The Meaning of Life. Which is rather hilarious and rather rated R....

ALSO I have acquired Star Wars episodes 1-4... so YAY!!!!!!!

ALSO ALSO there was a LIFE magazine about John Lennon that I got... it's also quite awesome.

ALSO ALSO ALSO I'm pretty much fer sure getting a guitar for Christmas I hope/wish

ALSO ALSO ALSO ALSO I have a teeny tiny bit of hope that this Christmas will be better than any I've had for the last 10 years :)

That is all, may the force be with you.

Friday, November 26, 2010

rhi-it's coooold.

soong: Revival by Deerhunter!

My lame day:

HELLLLLO. So today! I was excited because it was black friday and I had money. So I decided to take the bus to fashion island to buy stuff. there were no good deals anywhere! laaaaaaaaammme. So I decided I would go to the library to get some cd's or maybe some books. It wasn't open. Laammmmmme. And it was really cold and I had to walk to the bus stop and then this crazy guy came up to me and started talking, and then he sat next to me on the bus. laaaaamee. So I decided to go to wendys and get a chocolate chip cookie dough frosty and there was no cookie dough in it!!! MEGA LAME. and then I decided to go to the record store to buy some records and guess what? It wasn't open! Lammmmme. And then I decided to go to second spin and I got four wonderful cd's YAAAAAY. highlight of my day :D
haha anyways..

I was so excited when victoria said to post our top 5 guy singers/actors that i'd like to marry based on superficial qualities because I've been wanting to do that for a long time but I was afraid it would seem llllaaaaaaammmmme!! So yay!
Here goes

1. pete doherty

2. bob dylan (circa 1960..)
but don't think twice it's alllllright

3. julian casablancas

4. lockett pundt

5. andrew vanwyngarden

1. rupert grint


2. jamie campbell bower

3. sam riley

4. aaron johnson

5. and nicholas hoult tehehe
person who almost made the list: john krasinski!!!..actually he probly should've been second but i'm too lazy to put another picture
and now you see how crazy I am

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

VICTORIA: Sorry!!!!

It has been so long since i've posted!!!!

MUSACKKK: My Mistakes Were Made for You by The Last Shadow Puppets

I went to Philly! and visited a college! It was tons of fun and stuff! Heres a quick pic...theres a lot more but i don't feel like uploading em all :P

There was this cool poster store ther and i got this Bob Dylan poster :) Yay!

Yesterday was the celebration of the K.A.C birth and so we went to see megamind! it was soooooooooooooooooo funny!!!!!

Then later we spent the night at Edens and watched the movie About a Boy and this other one called High Fidelity (which we learned were both books by the same author....which is weird!!!)

Here is Nicholas Holt in About a Boy

This is him now.....

Ummm........ in the spirit of High Fidelity...... he is now in my top 5 actors i'd like to marry based on superficial qualities.

The rest include :
1. Jake Gyllenhaal
2. Joseph Gorden Levit
3. Anton Yelchin
4. Topher Grace

..... I also have another list for singers but thats a totally different story......


You guys make a list of your top 5 actors or singers based on superficial qualities!!!! YUUUUSSS!

[P.S ones that almost make it on that list that i have a hard time not saying are Logan Lerman (Percy Jackson), Carter Jenkins (Eli Patacki from unfabulous and Alex from Valentines day) and Toby Maguire, and ok ok Freddie from Icarly) hehehehehe

i wont get into musicians i'm just gonna say.... Sondre Lerche and I'm gonna count Charlie as a singer becuz he needs to be on the list somewhere.....He would probably be first on all of them. :D ]

(PPS: Yes. I know. I am this boy crazy)


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

eden ------- late as usual

Sorry... I automatically assumed that rhiannon would take forever... but then INFORM me that she posted... I was sadly mistaken.

I've posted two more chapters in Take a Hike... so clicky the edens writing thingy

Also I apologize for not seeming as energetic as I probably do most of the time I'm just tired and trying to figure out if the stalking victoria via google latitude is going to work...

I plan also to be asleep until 2 tomorrow... thought you should know that I'm looking forward to that

Click here if you would like to see the blog of hilarious things (often sexual as well so don't go looking if you don't like cursing and such things) that I have put up so as not to like... offend anyone on multiple sites. I made one site to offend.

^^ I haz no words

^^ it gets you through the day

I love kitty pictures.
bye for now

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


for my lateness.

song: It's Working by MGMT
best cover ever.

sooo it's been a while..sorry. A lot has happened actually which is surprising because nothing ever happens. TOMORROWS MY BIRTH. Day! I'm almost 16 yaaaay! I'm so happy. So, uh, 4 days ago it was halloween and that was pretty fun. Victoria and I went as ghosts and Eden went as a ZOMBAY. We went as ghosts so we could disguise our age so people would still give us candy, eden was a zombie. Anyways we got a rather pathetic sacful of candy. Nobody was even trick or treating and most of the houses weren't decorated and I didn't have the spooky feeling that I usually get on halloween! But we did watch donnie darko :D and then the day after eden and i went to a Barnes & Noble interview at fashion Island while victoria went to some sort of orientation or something like that. And then yesterday I went to the park, today too. Ya, somebody post more. I'm too sleepy to go on.