Friday, November 26, 2010

rhi-it's coooold.

soong: Revival by Deerhunter!

My lame day:

HELLLLLO. So today! I was excited because it was black friday and I had money. So I decided to take the bus to fashion island to buy stuff. there were no good deals anywhere! laaaaaaaaammme. So I decided I would go to the library to get some cd's or maybe some books. It wasn't open. Laammmmmme. And it was really cold and I had to walk to the bus stop and then this crazy guy came up to me and started talking, and then he sat next to me on the bus. laaaaamee. So I decided to go to wendys and get a chocolate chip cookie dough frosty and there was no cookie dough in it!!! MEGA LAME. and then I decided to go to the record store to buy some records and guess what? It wasn't open! Lammmmme. And then I decided to go to second spin and I got four wonderful cd's YAAAAAY. highlight of my day :D
haha anyways..

I was so excited when victoria said to post our top 5 guy singers/actors that i'd like to marry based on superficial qualities because I've been wanting to do that for a long time but I was afraid it would seem llllaaaaaaammmmme!! So yay!
Here goes

1. pete doherty

2. bob dylan (circa 1960..)
but don't think twice it's alllllright

3. julian casablancas

4. lockett pundt

5. andrew vanwyngarden

1. rupert grint


2. jamie campbell bower

3. sam riley

4. aaron johnson

5. and nicholas hoult tehehe
person who almost made the list: john krasinski!!!..actually he probly should've been second but i'm too lazy to put another picture
and now you see how crazy I am

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