Wednesday, November 3, 2010


for my lateness.

song: It's Working by MGMT
best cover ever.

sooo it's been a while..sorry. A lot has happened actually which is surprising because nothing ever happens. TOMORROWS MY BIRTH. Day! I'm almost 16 yaaaay! I'm so happy. So, uh, 4 days ago it was halloween and that was pretty fun. Victoria and I went as ghosts and Eden went as a ZOMBAY. We went as ghosts so we could disguise our age so people would still give us candy, eden was a zombie. Anyways we got a rather pathetic sacful of candy. Nobody was even trick or treating and most of the houses weren't decorated and I didn't have the spooky feeling that I usually get on halloween! But we did watch donnie darko :D and then the day after eden and i went to a Barnes & Noble interview at fashion Island while victoria went to some sort of orientation or something like that. And then yesterday I went to the park, today too. Ya, somebody post more. I'm too sleepy to go on.

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