Sunday, September 26, 2010

VICTORIA: Excuses, Excuses, Excuses

MUSIC: Excuses by the morning benders

Bleeeehhhhhh my weekend has been very uneventful. I have done the following:

Friday: (was actually fun) 1. Went and saw Easy A with E and Rhi, which was AMAZING
2. Came home and tried to find gossip girl online (did not find)
3. Watched random shows
4. Went to bed at like 9. I know!

Saturday: 1. Woke up at 7:30 (becuz i went to bed at 9!)
2. Watched Nick and Norahs infinite playlist
3. Left for Fallbrook
4. Came back without going to Fallbrook becuz my mom and Chuck got into a huge fight
5. Went to Barnes and Noble and got SAT novels (actually kind of a good book) and didnt see Ezra (LAME)
6. Came home and read
7. Got bored of reading and put on She's the Man
8. Got bored of she's the man and went to cvs to buy tape, Nylon, and some juice
9. Collaged my binder, folder, and notebook
10. Finished watching She's the Man
11. went to bed.

Sunday: 1. Got up at 7:30 AGAIN!!! errggg
2. watched cartoons (yay Timmy!) (it was the only thing that was on!)
3. read more of my SAT book
4. took a shower
5. got on the computer and began this post.

ANYWHOOZleeee i am very proud of my binder now...heres the back of it (its my favorite)

sorry u have to tilt ur head

ANNNNDDDD the morning benders are playing in la soon! i really really want to go!!!!!!!!!


Friday, September 24, 2010

Eden -- bleh on mold.

But don't really. Because then you'd have puke and mold. Ew.

SO! I feel as though I should update you people on this, carpet has flooded and I have to pack up all the sh*t in my room and basically move out of it for two weeks... so I guess I'm sleeping out in the living room for two more weeks.... bleh. but don't really.

At the moment I kind of feel like my life is spiraling out of my control. Which is impossible because we control our lives and how we feel about them and the decisions we make and other such sh*t.

EASY A!!!!

amarzin movie. really enjoyed it. want it when it comes out on dvd.

Cyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomic

Cyanide & Happiness @

I thought that was an amusing comic...soooooooo yeah :D

Music - Guess I'm Doing Fine by Beck. Amazing song, makes me really like... thoughtful and brood-ish... yeah.... that was supposed to sound smart.... fail... and yeah I like listening to mellow songs.................

bye I guess....

OH WAIT!!! at the moment I'm doing this (I know, I know I'm pathetic). Of course I don't know what it does virus or cookie-wise... it's just rather amusing and I've been doing this for hours. I need a life. Or a hobby. Or a hobbit.

Monday, September 20, 2010


sloth & chunk
from the goonies!
which we watched!

music: i feel it all by feist

HI! So today was just really really dull and boring like usual so i'll tell you about the book i'm reading! I got it from the Barnes & Noble at fashion island! The nice bookstore guy who looked like Ezra Koenig from Vampire Weekend told me it was a really good book and he said it gave the story a very "human head" whatever that means haha. Anyways it's called The Wild Things and it's by Dave Eggers and it's really fantastic :D

I've been reading it during photography when I don't have anything to do. It's like the book Where the Wild Things Are which was my favorite book when I was leetle only in chapter form! And I haven't finished it yet, mostly because I've been delaying the part where Max has to go home :'( Yeah anywho it's good so you should read it.
read it
read it
read it


Oh no. I can't get the blog to get this out of the big font

So I'm just gonna end this.... goooooodbyyye


gossip girl time


oh I'm pathetic



pathetically awesome!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

VICTORIA: I'm not tryina say that everybody wants to go....

The other day I was in English and we had to do a quick write. The topic was your favorite super hero and i put Bob Dylan cuz like...he's Bob Dylan. And after we were finished the teacher guy asked me who i picked and i said Bob Dylan. And someone asked me who he was.

MUSIC: Seaside by The Kooks

So we are doing it! We are having our 80's movie marathon today! at rhis house! YAY!!!
We went to the library and got the goonies, ferris, the pick-up artist, risky business, and one random movie i picked up and it so happened to be 80's. It has to do with amnesia or something and it has madonna... i think....
PLUS rhi has the lost boys and breakfast club (yay brian! picture below!) and i have pretty in pink, girls just wana have fun, when harry met sally, and I just realized that beetle juice was i'm bringing that.

EEERRGGG im so mad! someone in one of my classes said she was going to a Phoenix concert! BLEH! i wana go see them!!! Aw well, in a year or so i'll be seeing Charlie who is better then Phoenix....kinda. no. ya. he is.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Eden -- DOCTOR WHO!!!!

I am a whovian. I'd tell you more about my life but since about Friday I've been watching Doctor Who non-stop. So forgive me for this tangent, but it will be about doctor who.

SO THEN! I started watching on Friday and have so far made it to Season 4 Episode 8 of the newer series... not the one from the 70's. I suggest that everyone watch it, though I know most won't listen to me, it's a great series. Especially if you like sci fi. And I love sci fi.

The Tardis

I think this picture is epic....


I miss Rose so much I want to cry.
Anyway this is a picture of Billie Piper and David Tennant
(Rose and the Doctor if you've never seen the show before)

That's pretty much all I've to say. Other than I will be writing a book (hopefully... if it ever gets started) about time travel and sci fi stuff. Should be loads of fun :D

Music - Creep by Radiohead

I could go on a tangent about that song and why I love it so much, but I'll save that for next time... mainly because I need to watch Doctor Who and do homework.

Friday, September 10, 2010

RHIANNON:London here we come! 2 years

songaga-the don by the view

So! A lot has been going on lately because school has officially started! blehhh. I don't really have any interesting classes....all I have is english, chemistry, math, french 3, history, and photography (but I'm switching into marine bio). Anyways, not really interesting.And I don't have any classes with any of the nicknamed people :( But yesterday we went to our schools first football game and it was fun! I bought starburst and a sprite hehehehe and we talked and didn't watch the game all. And then we talked about dance moves with two random guys. and then we went to the other side where the other peoples team were and we sat there for was more fun than it sounds okay!?! So yeah we did that and then today I saw bellagio! Which is the foreign exchange student in victorias class. And we sat at the table next to his,quite creepy I know. And on monday, we are going to talk to him no matter what!

So after school today me eden and victoria went to wendys and we started to talk about when we turn 18, which is amazingly not too far away, and how we should go to england when we graduate as sort of a graduation thing for ourselves. Unfortunately, they will both be adults and since my birthday is in november I will be labeled as a child on the flight there. HOW Humiliating! Anyways, this actually seems like something we can actually can do and now I'm really excited because I've been to all the states (except tennessee and maryland) but I've never been out of the country. I have a giant poster of london on the wall by my bed and I've been dying to go there forever
sorry I couldn't resist!!
  • being with friends and not parents! (no offense mom)
  • its pretty there! And they have telephone booths!!

  • English Accents
  • Meeting people our age there

  • The music and the tiniest chance of meeting pete doherty
kooks concert in LONDON
  • the weather

  • and all of the cheesy tourist attractions that I really want to see!

  • the clooothes
  • they have trains!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Charlie! and wine gums! And barf(bath) which is not london but we can take the train there or sumthin
  • camden town!

as you can see I'm excited.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

VICTORIA: We are all just narrow minded fools

MUSIC: Wake Up by Arcade Fire

Ilove this song so freakin much.
MUSIC: Wake Up by Arcade Fire

Hokay so, I am just gonna touch on the matter of the campfire and us surrounding it talking about serious stuff such as religion, narrow minded people (which all of us are), music, and the stuff about living today blah blah blah

So like i have no opinion really on the God factor. I mean its all so complicated and people are so passionate about it but i really don't have anything to say about it. I think its amazing that some people can be passionate about something, especially God, and sometimes i wish i could be as well.
So, it came up at the sleep over about not being satisfied with the time we live in. And i just wana say... TOO BAD. Not to be harsh. Especially cuz i can understand where you are coming in some regards. I just wana say that we are in this life right now, and you aren't a cat. You only get one life. So live it.
A family friend of my mom was diagnosed with cancer. At first when she told me, i was like "okay.... people survive it all the time" but they don't. So heres where i'm going...
"Fuck you cancer, you are not going to run my life, I am. I’m going to do the things I like to do"
-Kristina ( please check it out)
Recently she stopped chemo. Her doctor basically told her you have a 1% chance of living. IMAGINE being told that...seriously.
So you might be thinking, well life is gonna end anyway (because this was discussed at the party) and i know, but just because it's going to end doesnt mean we shouldn't take every moment that we have and just live. Live! Get out of our rooms, go out and just live.
even with a 1% chance of living she still keeps going. She erased all the people on Facebook who she never talked to and embraced everyone who did. She didn't sit, depressed, alone, in her room whining about how screwed her life is. No. She took the moments as she got them, because for her... well, theres few.
So what about us? the people who know they'll wake up tomorrow and the next day and the next? What should we do? I think we should take all our moments and live them, we have so many, but at one point they may be taken away from us. And then what?

I don't know abou t you, but when i'm on my death bed i don't want to look back at my life and see myself alone, in my room, watching as others lived. I want to be one of them.
OKAY, that was my on to more chillax things.
like how schools started
And how i have a foreign exchange kid in one of my classes
and how i should be memorizing elements right now

Okay, so i know i said i'd chillax...but i'm in a rambling kind of mood so i just want to let go of one secret.
So basically i think its really stupid is all. (i soud like Holden Caufield) I trully believe that if the Jonas Brothers werent so big...i would listen to them. I know i know. Its almost kind of annoying. Everyones like "eww the jonas brothers" but i really like Nicks voice. Its true! i know. But they have a good sound (well their newer music not like SOS or that one about the year 3000)
I kinda feel that way about a lot of music.
Like the only reason people don't like them is becuase they don't want to be like everybody and like them, which just makes them more a like. Basically, they don't like them because of thier fans.
Its just a little frustrating!
thats all!
i feel so like....deep.
but seriously
check out Kristinas site
Shes so strong and my mom and i really want to do something nice for her. so tell meh what to do

Monday, September 6, 2010

eden - blah.

Cyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomic

Cyanide & Happiness @
Cyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomic
Cyanide & Happiness @

Those comics are hilarious. All of them. I'd know. I looked through all of them.

I got like... 5 pink floyd cds... so the song is comfortably numb by pink floyd. I also got a pink floyd record... it's pretty cool

Besides that, school starts tomorrow. I am not excited in the least. In fact I'm spending today doing the homework that's due tomorrow. Fun right? No. Not really.

1) Attempt to get all A's. And I mean ALL A's... no B's this year please...
2) Try not to fall asleep during math class....
3) Do homework when it's assigned or something... sick of doing homework last minute

That's pretty much it.

I pretty much have no comment about the discussions around the fire except that I'm an angry, sad, bitter, sarcastic, cynical, distrusting, depressed, negative, realistic person.

So optimism kind of pisses me off.

That is all.... I leave you on that lovely note *chuckles at sarcasm*

Saturday, September 4, 2010

r-GOOD BYE SUMMER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

music video of the day
Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros!

I have a lot of things to type about
songy song: Black Hole by she & him and the song up thurr ^^ is good too and listen to it!!

So first of all we went to a romantic novel store because we'd never been there before but we always passed it. It was pretty cooool cuz there were books everywhere except the ceiling. AAnnd it was not just romantic novels even though most of them were....and there were pictures of buff and oiled men everywhere haha and on the back door there was a giant picture of half naked man and the lady who owned the place strategically placed silver balls on...well ya know.anyways! I bought witches by Roald Dahl! it was only 2 dolla. and then yesterdays yesterday we went to a birthday party and slept over in her front yard outside of the tent around the fiiire :D and there were balloons hanging from the trees and you could see the stars so it was pretty cool! and then at like 2 in the morning we started talking about a bunch of stufffs but I didn't really say anything because I really don't know how to express my opinion while talking but there was definitely stuff that people said that I disagreed with like the whole every musician is a jackass thing and some of the i wish I lived in another decade stuff and that was a long sentence. anywho!

two more days till school! what?! how did that even happen!!!!!!!!!!!
I guess I'm sorta excited to see who's in my classes and everything but that's IT.
anyways school year resolutions:
1. No more lateness!!
2. Do all my homework and get b's and a's
3. make new friends
4. Try not to go to bed too late or ..early
5. try not to get burned in chem
6. make friends with makin friends, nice kid, robert, buddy holly guy, jesus, bryson, jim morrison or one of the other people me and vk nicknamed
7. Learn something in french instead of just communicating with eden across the room