Saturday, September 4, 2010

r-GOOD BYE SUMMER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

music video of the day
Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros!

I have a lot of things to type about
songy song: Black Hole by she & him and the song up thurr ^^ is good too and listen to it!!

So first of all we went to a romantic novel store because we'd never been there before but we always passed it. It was pretty cooool cuz there were books everywhere except the ceiling. AAnnd it was not just romantic novels even though most of them were....and there were pictures of buff and oiled men everywhere haha and on the back door there was a giant picture of half naked man and the lady who owned the place strategically placed silver balls on...well ya know.anyways! I bought witches by Roald Dahl! it was only 2 dolla. and then yesterdays yesterday we went to a birthday party and slept over in her front yard outside of the tent around the fiiire :D and there were balloons hanging from the trees and you could see the stars so it was pretty cool! and then at like 2 in the morning we started talking about a bunch of stufffs but I didn't really say anything because I really don't know how to express my opinion while talking but there was definitely stuff that people said that I disagreed with like the whole every musician is a jackass thing and some of the i wish I lived in another decade stuff and that was a long sentence. anywho!

two more days till school! what?! how did that even happen!!!!!!!!!!!
I guess I'm sorta excited to see who's in my classes and everything but that's IT.
anyways school year resolutions:
1. No more lateness!!
2. Do all my homework and get b's and a's
3. make new friends
4. Try not to go to bed too late or ..early
5. try not to get burned in chem
6. make friends with makin friends, nice kid, robert, buddy holly guy, jesus, bryson, jim morrison or one of the other people me and vk nicknamed
7. Learn something in french instead of just communicating with eden across the room


  1. coolio pictures :D I kinda wana see whos in my classes as well, and i dont want to get burned in chem either!!!! poooooo

    and i mostly agreed with ur points during the conversation around the campfire at 2 hehehehe

  2. is jesus taylor ramsey? Because I know him now... he's Camille's boyfriend and yeah I had dinner with him if that's who he is... but i don't really remember and stuffs

  3. Je ne se pas! did he have long brown hair? And thank you vikatoria =D