Wednesday, September 1, 2010

VICTORIA: Oh summer PLEASE stay!

Dont go away!!!!!

Stupid school.

Lets all look at some pictures to make us feel better

HOkay so, I made a list of things i want to follow next year. Maybe you guys can do the same (hint hint next post)

1. Do yoga/ pilates once a day to work on my center (ur welcome Ms. Simmons), balance, breathing, and strength
2. Wear all of the clothes in my closet at least once this year, minus my coat that i plan to wear in new york during winter in my dreams.

3. Dance my a** off, which i will have to do anyway. 5 classes a week not including dance at school. Blehhh

4. Get all A's (i count AP B's as A's!)

5. Try not to cry as i do my AP US History homework

6. Make at least 2 new friends

7. Talk to one of the following people rhi and i gave nicknames to from a far : Buddy Holly Guy, Nice Kid, Making Friends, Devon, Jesus, Robert, Folds, Bryson, Jim Morrison.....thats all i can remember....

There we are

MUSIC: The Geeks Were Right by The Faint

I had a photo shoot with myself:

more photos here:

Thats alls for now!

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  1. bleh!! School!! and hehehe it's the "Attractive" guy from ra ra riot!! And chrischu! And you with a ballloooon