Wednesday, September 8, 2010

VICTORIA: We are all just narrow minded fools

MUSIC: Wake Up by Arcade Fire

Ilove this song so freakin much.
MUSIC: Wake Up by Arcade Fire

Hokay so, I am just gonna touch on the matter of the campfire and us surrounding it talking about serious stuff such as religion, narrow minded people (which all of us are), music, and the stuff about living today blah blah blah

So like i have no opinion really on the God factor. I mean its all so complicated and people are so passionate about it but i really don't have anything to say about it. I think its amazing that some people can be passionate about something, especially God, and sometimes i wish i could be as well.
So, it came up at the sleep over about not being satisfied with the time we live in. And i just wana say... TOO BAD. Not to be harsh. Especially cuz i can understand where you are coming in some regards. I just wana say that we are in this life right now, and you aren't a cat. You only get one life. So live it.
A family friend of my mom was diagnosed with cancer. At first when she told me, i was like "okay.... people survive it all the time" but they don't. So heres where i'm going...
"Fuck you cancer, you are not going to run my life, I am. I’m going to do the things I like to do"
-Kristina ( please check it out)
Recently she stopped chemo. Her doctor basically told her you have a 1% chance of living. IMAGINE being told that...seriously.
So you might be thinking, well life is gonna end anyway (because this was discussed at the party) and i know, but just because it's going to end doesnt mean we shouldn't take every moment that we have and just live. Live! Get out of our rooms, go out and just live.
even with a 1% chance of living she still keeps going. She erased all the people on Facebook who she never talked to and embraced everyone who did. She didn't sit, depressed, alone, in her room whining about how screwed her life is. No. She took the moments as she got them, because for her... well, theres few.
So what about us? the people who know they'll wake up tomorrow and the next day and the next? What should we do? I think we should take all our moments and live them, we have so many, but at one point they may be taken away from us. And then what?

I don't know abou t you, but when i'm on my death bed i don't want to look back at my life and see myself alone, in my room, watching as others lived. I want to be one of them.
OKAY, that was my on to more chillax things.
like how schools started
And how i have a foreign exchange kid in one of my classes
and how i should be memorizing elements right now

Okay, so i know i said i'd chillax...but i'm in a rambling kind of mood so i just want to let go of one secret.
So basically i think its really stupid is all. (i soud like Holden Caufield) I trully believe that if the Jonas Brothers werent so big...i would listen to them. I know i know. Its almost kind of annoying. Everyones like "eww the jonas brothers" but i really like Nicks voice. Its true! i know. But they have a good sound (well their newer music not like SOS or that one about the year 3000)
I kinda feel that way about a lot of music.
Like the only reason people don't like them is becuase they don't want to be like everybody and like them, which just makes them more a like. Basically, they don't like them because of thier fans.
Its just a little frustrating!
thats all!
i feel so like....deep.
but seriously
check out Kristinas site
Shes so strong and my mom and i really want to do something nice for her. so tell meh what to do

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