Saturday, September 18, 2010

VICTORIA: I'm not tryina say that everybody wants to go....

The other day I was in English and we had to do a quick write. The topic was your favorite super hero and i put Bob Dylan cuz like...he's Bob Dylan. And after we were finished the teacher guy asked me who i picked and i said Bob Dylan. And someone asked me who he was.

MUSIC: Seaside by The Kooks

So we are doing it! We are having our 80's movie marathon today! at rhis house! YAY!!!
We went to the library and got the goonies, ferris, the pick-up artist, risky business, and one random movie i picked up and it so happened to be 80's. It has to do with amnesia or something and it has madonna... i think....
PLUS rhi has the lost boys and breakfast club (yay brian! picture below!) and i have pretty in pink, girls just wana have fun, when harry met sally, and I just realized that beetle juice was i'm bringing that.

EEERRGGG im so mad! someone in one of my classes said she was going to a Phoenix concert! BLEH! i wana go see them!!! Aw well, in a year or so i'll be seeing Charlie who is better then Phoenix....kinda. no. ya. he is.

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