Sunday, September 26, 2010

VICTORIA: Excuses, Excuses, Excuses

MUSIC: Excuses by the morning benders

Bleeeehhhhhh my weekend has been very uneventful. I have done the following:

Friday: (was actually fun) 1. Went and saw Easy A with E and Rhi, which was AMAZING
2. Came home and tried to find gossip girl online (did not find)
3. Watched random shows
4. Went to bed at like 9. I know!

Saturday: 1. Woke up at 7:30 (becuz i went to bed at 9!)
2. Watched Nick and Norahs infinite playlist
3. Left for Fallbrook
4. Came back without going to Fallbrook becuz my mom and Chuck got into a huge fight
5. Went to Barnes and Noble and got SAT novels (actually kind of a good book) and didnt see Ezra (LAME)
6. Came home and read
7. Got bored of reading and put on She's the Man
8. Got bored of she's the man and went to cvs to buy tape, Nylon, and some juice
9. Collaged my binder, folder, and notebook
10. Finished watching She's the Man
11. went to bed.

Sunday: 1. Got up at 7:30 AGAIN!!! errggg
2. watched cartoons (yay Timmy!) (it was the only thing that was on!)
3. read more of my SAT book
4. took a shower
5. got on the computer and began this post.

ANYWHOOZleeee i am very proud of my binder now...heres the back of it (its my favorite)

sorry u have to tilt ur head

ANNNNDDDD the morning benders are playing in la soon! i really really want to go!!!!!!!!!


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  1. suuuuuuuure it was the only thing on tv victoria... sure