Saturday, July 31, 2010


I wana be sedated!
No not really.

That song is irrelephant to this post. It was just in my head (and its not the song of this post)

MUSIC: is actually... Little Secrets by Passion Pit

So TODAY me rhi and e went to bagelys (shirlys bagels) and then the librar and then second spin (in which i purchased 2 cds: Noah and the whale and The view and FORGOT that i really wanted the virgins!!! im pissed!) and back to the library and then to blockbuster and then home.
I then continued to NOT read my AP U.S History book (paper on its due this tuesday. only on page 100) and went with my mom and chuck to Laguna and ate and shopped for birthday gifts.

It was a pretty good day :)

I have not had time to write :( so sad, nor have i had time to read my book :( so sad.

But have been working at my mothers office and earned enough $$$ to get a new ipod who i named Winifred! She is green and lovely!

So So So how are all you lovely people?

I hope you are all well and good.

So the last little thing i did where i wrote where i wanted to be and you guys followed was swell! Wasnt it? It kind of gave my blog a point last time....instead of a bunch of nothingness

So heres this posts thingy that i did last time (needs a better name)

Who do i think i am???

People may see me as something or someone else, but this is how i see myself:

ibrant, but also plain and unseen

solated at times, only because I create that for myself.

onfident when i neet to be, but then shy when it comes to some things
alented in some areas
riginal, no one is like me!



ll of the above and so much more.
And now for a little inspirational words

Thursday, July 29, 2010

EDEN!! -- from my bed to your computer...

And yes... that would be my mattress....

Heh... I think my title is clever.

SO ANYWAY!!! On the first birfday of the awesome KICKA** CULT we decided to paint my bed. Except initially we planned on moving some furniture around too... that just... didn't happen. EITHER WAY! painting my bed was rully rully fun. I like saying rully... ANYWHOOZLE (which i like to say too) Rhiannon and Victoria did an amarzin job on painting my bed... which just sounds so odd... as does from my bed to your computer... hmm... BUT THEY DID! I just like... made lines... that aren't even worth posting pictures of because they're so laaaame.

ME!- Blue
Victoria- Orange
Rhiannon- Red

Victoria's side of.. MY bed...

Rhiannon's side of MY bed... jeez... bed stealers. Where the h*ll am i gonna sleep???

Song in my head (mind) -- where is my mind? by pixies

IN OTHER NEWS! I saw inception. That movie was f*cking awesome. I'm sorry. The f bomb had to be dropped to explain that movie. BECAUSE IT WAS AMAZING!!!!! I NEED TO OWN THAT MOVIE!!! But not illegally... because that's like... illegal...

I WANT TO BE in Hawaii sitting at the beach/outside reading a nice book and at peace with the world

I WANT TO BE making house a home with the person I love

I WANT TO BE walking in random countries but knowing I'll be fine because I'm holding the person I love's hand

I WANT TO BE a person who doesn't have to sit at a desk to work... because all I need is a pen

I WANT TO BE signing books one day because they loved my work and wanted to meet me

I WANT TO BE waking up to the person I love looking at me like me being with him and looking back into his eyes is the most important thing in the world

Sorry... that's really mushy... oh well... hopeless romantic :)

peace love and happiness... but most importantly love

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

RHIANNON-We're like crystal

probably my favorite music video ever, haha.
I remember my dad showing this to me when I was a little little little girl because he's sort of a New Order/the Cure/Depeche Mode/Pet Shop Boys/everything else synthpop-y addict and he forced me to listen it, but I'm glad he did because i love it wow long sentence I'm gonna stop this sentence now! Anyways I just love it to death!!!!!!

song stuck in my head- Sour cherry by THE KILLS

Right so, today was very uneventful. I just rode back and forth on my bike everywhere! And my legs aren't working any more!! So right now I sort of kind of really want to go to las vegas (my hometown dawg) because first friday is almost here and the Gypsy Den (boutique/stage band playing place thingy) is having Bob Dylan night!!! erggg.....I'm so upset. But on the brightside......there is no brightside waaaaa. So I'm just going to distract myself with the Where are you going to be when you grow up thingy victoria thought up so here goes


I WANT TO BE living somewhere in London where i could hang out with the british people and hope that i'll catch their accents!

I WANT TO BE back in las vegas in college!! so i could go to first friday whenever i wanted!

I WANT TO BE laying on the roof of a car looking at stars with someone that I love who loves moi

I WANT TO BE Jumping in a crowd of sweaty people who like the same band i do

I WANT TO BE living life to its fullest not knowing what comes next, but hopefully it would be good

in the meantime, while I'm still a teenager i would
1. Go to Coachella!!!!
that's it. actually no not really. I want to do a ton of things but this is in the near distant future and we're gonna go this year guys if I have to sell my soul for the tickets!!!!!! ......

or not sell my soul that would be fine too


Sunday, July 25, 2010

VICTORIA: I want to be up in the air flying without a care

MUSIC: Blue Skies by Noah and the Whale
look look look over in the side bar where the beautiful music is playing ------>
and watch watch watch the video! its actually a trailer to the movie they made that comes with the cd when you buy it. I watched it and it was very artsy and swell. The songs in their album The First Day of Spring is the background music to their movei The First Day of Spring. Makes sense yes? So here watch it if you would like.


so little time so much to do id like to spend one day with you....that is the theme song of that night. it was never decided. but i am deciding it. That song and the other one...blank in my pants.

Anyway. For the first club birthday we painted edens bed! (e put photos of it in ur next post please!!) thats why we have paint on our faces....
We then ate pizza on my patio and went night swimming! it was freezing! so we did some laps around the pool...yes around...and jumped to get hot. but it was still freakin cold!
so after we took a bath. no details on that.

and we watched old mary-kate and ashley movies (both included that song) and a cinderella story cuz we r cool like that :D and when harry met sally. but we never finished it. so Rhi didnt get to see the best part in the movie when Sally fakes a....nevermind.

and that was our day.

BEFORE that:

I started my summer readin! which includes the newest issues of W and Bazaar magazine. And i started the book Flowers in the Attic by VC Andrews. Its from when my mom was a kid and it was one of her favorite books. However i have yet to purchase my summer school reading and a paper is due on August 3rd for it. I think i should probably go buy that.....

also i started designing again. And made a new journal! Also a new neclace (bow tie) and a few more for my moms birthday. I have also been listeining to a lot of the Velvet underground lately.


You know how people always ask you "what do you want to be when you grow up?" well i never really know how to answer that. So i say "I don't really know" which makes me sound like i dont know what i want. But i do!

Heres the thing...i wish people would ask "Where do you want to be when you grow up?" because i know that one!


I WANT TO BE walking the streets of NYC one day, with people looking up at me and seeing someone important.

I WANT TO BE back home chilling by the beach

I WANT TO BE sitting in the park with the one i love, ready to make a family

I WANT TO BE walking the rows at borders and see my book on the shelf

I WANT TO BE old and wrinkly sitting on my front porch and remember the wonderful life that i lived.

Thats where i want to be. Where do you want to be? Comment comment and if ur in the cult Post it Post it in your next post!!!!

and one more thing!!! I got my writing accepted onto this website (click click click) so go ahead click and read and rate it 5 stars so that more people will read it and more and more and then maybe in september it will be accepted into the magazine! so CLICK!!! and RATE! and then the next day CLICK and RATE! because you can rate it once a day!!!

ps: each click is a different story! so0000 click em all please ;D

Friday, July 23, 2010


TODAY IS.................... the first birthday of the Kicka** Cult!!! And and yeah. Apparently today Rhiannon, Victoria, and I are going to paint my bed... because it's a loft bed (bunk bed without bottom bunk). I suppose "we're going to paint my bed" sounds weird... but it's gonna be cool.

In other news, Victoria and I went to Drivers Ed (finally....) and we're now able to get our permits. YAY!!!! I'm rully rully scared for the behind the wheel stuff because like... the only think I've driven is a golf cart... and you have to take off the word golf and a t to get car...

Besides that nothing has really happened with me...

But... you should check out my other blog. Oh and I've been writing a bit more (if that interests you at all click here). So yeah...

Hahahaha I have done that so many times... except I wasn't a cat... or was I o.O

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

rhiannon-Dream a little dream of me

muusic: She's got you high by Mumm-ra

So the past days I've been doing a lot of reading. A LOT of swimming. When I get out of the pool i look like a raisin because I'm so wrinkly.... Nothing exciting has happened really.

oh! on the weekend sunday night...or very early morning like 1, I watched the movie Amelie. It's in french and it's really good. The cinematography(?) is beautiful and it's funnily (is that a word?) quirky and I just loved it all together...except for the disgusting parts where it shows birthand other ....things which just kind of.. yucky. It was in fast motion though so it went by pretty quickly. Not the entire movie just the birth/other things part okay I'm going to stop now. Anyways!
I also got a really good deal on a rolling stones record!, I'm back in love with the Smiths, today i had 14 peaches, I'm working on a koob(book)...which I probably won't get very far on because I get distracted easily, I have decided to eat healthier starting after I'm finished with this piece of cake, my new favorite movie is angus, thongs, and perfect snogging!!!! !! ! I love the story the actors and the soundtrack and just everything, I'm playing guitar again, did you know that you spend 6 years of your life dreaming?, last night i went out on my balcony to take pictures of stars (they didn't turn out great) FIN hehe
this song never ever gets old