Saturday, July 3, 2010

VICTORIA: a creative feeling ive got goin on....

MUSIC: Lullaby by Priscilla Ahn
(really listen to the lyrics because they are beautiful and funny at the same time.)

I went to Little Tokyo and China town in LA

Pay no attention to the date! Everytime it turns off it becomes that date.

Top: Urban Outfitters $9

Shorts: Wal-Mart $10

Tights: 99cent store (do i have to say how much they cost?

oxfords: Urban Outfitters $5

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Eden, Rhiannon and i went to Fashion Island (an outdoor mall in our town) and enjoyed our childhood by playing with bubbles! We also saw Eclipse (bleh) and blew bubbles the whole time!

Here is a video of our day! (music: All Over Now by Eric Hutchinson)

I kinda went crazy with the special effects.

This video made me feel inspired to make a video. Not like this but one with good music and a good message. I was thinking it would be fun to make a video kind of like a documentary but not really. Maybe on a topic like love. Something i am very confused about. And go on the street and ask people what they think of it, if they have ever been in it, or stories about it. And then add a plot of me and us (nudge, nudge) doing something. And go over all the types of love, and ask different kinds of people of all ages and places. I think we would get a lot of interesting stories. I guess that would be kind of like When Harry Met Sally but it would be random people on the street and family maybe??? rather then just old couples sitting and interviewing. Ya!It would be fun! i think. Tell me what you think???

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  1. gorgeous lace top!!! i love priscilla ahn.. it was nice to hear that! :D

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