Tuesday, July 27, 2010

RHIANNON-We're like crystal

probably my favorite music video ever, haha.
I remember my dad showing this to me when I was a little little little girl because he's sort of a New Order/the Cure/Depeche Mode/Pet Shop Boys/everything else synthpop-y addict and he forced me to listen it, but I'm glad he did because i love it wow long sentence I'm gonna stop this sentence now! Anyways I just love it to death!!!!!!

song stuck in my head- Sour cherry by THE KILLS

Right so, today was very uneventful. I just rode back and forth on my bike everywhere! And my legs aren't working any more!! So right now I sort of kind of really want to go to las vegas (my hometown dawg) because first friday is almost here and the Gypsy Den (boutique/stage band playing place thingy) is having Bob Dylan night!!! erggg.....I'm so upset. But on the brightside......there is no brightside waaaaa. So I'm just going to distract myself with the Where are you going to be when you grow up thingy victoria thought up so here goes


I WANT TO BE living somewhere in London where i could hang out with the british people and hope that i'll catch their accents!

I WANT TO BE back in las vegas in college!! so i could go to first friday whenever i wanted!

I WANT TO BE laying on the roof of a car looking at stars with someone that I love who loves moi

I WANT TO BE Jumping in a crowd of sweaty people who like the same band i do

I WANT TO BE living life to its fullest not knowing what comes next, but hopefully it would be good

in the meantime, while I'm still a teenager i would
1. Go to Coachella!!!!
that's it. actually no not really. I want to do a ton of things but this is in the near distant future and we're gonna go this year guys if I have to sell my soul for the tickets!!!!!! ......

or not sell my soul that would be fine too


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  1. yes we are!!! my mom was talking about it the other day....i think she said something about putting a reservation for a hotel in now...

    oh! and! i will b driving (hopefully) by then! yay! and ya!

    and ya!

    great post!