Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I have never moved so much in my life.

I have never moved so much in my life.
Victoria, Rhiannon, and I went to Balboa Beach, Newport Beach, back to Balboa Beach, and Fashion Island. But no, we didn't just GO there, we rode our bikes. A total of about 15.3 miles. Riding bikes. But don't get me wrong, I do like my bike for the free transportation it gives me. I'm just not all that into the physical pain, just goes to show you, for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. But I love my bike.
Kind of.
It's a love/hate relationship.
Why did we go to the beach and Fashion Island? We wanted to work on that love video idea of Victoria's. But today we failed epically because we didn't even ask anyone. When we went to Fashion Island on Monday, we asked 8 people and got rejected by 5. Technically the rejection was 4 because one couple didn't speak English. So we had to smile and walk away... awkward.
In other news, I've been trying to write my new book (there's a link to it (edens writing)) and I made a blog (edens blog). It's been hard to write because there's so many things that could happen in the book but I'm trying to pick the most unexpected of all of them.
Soo yeah.
Dr pickle says hi.
Don't ask.


  1. hi dr. pickle! i dont know who/what you are but hi!
    Coolio post msssss. It was a long day! (cute picture)

  2. haha dr pickle
    my legs are killing me
    I think they might have to be amputated..
    nice post yo. I hate my bike right now. *boop*