Sunday, August 29, 2010

eden --- (blank)

Music ---------- A Rose for Emily - The Zombies (*eden walks around in circles like a zombie*)

I really do not have anything interesting to say. Which will make this boring or random.

So I've not been able to write. It's a really really important part too. Like... EVERYTHING happens in this part. So it's the climax you say? I'd say that but climax makes me laugh. If you don't understand why... well you're very innocent.

ALSO I got 10 cds from the library (because we all went together (does anyone else still say to get her in their head??)). The Ramones, The White Stripes, Weezer, Nirvana, Modest Mouse, The Raconteurs, The Rolling Stones (x2), Green Day, and The Zombies. I actually really like the Zombies... which surprised me because I just got it because of the album artwork. Hehe.

Dark Helmet from Spaceballs. I love that movie so f***ing much.

Random license plate I saw a long time ago... makes me laugh....

WOAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH mind f*ck (probably not really but I like that term)

Oh and it's true... I can't... BLEHHHHHHHHHH NOOOODLES!!!!!

Thursday, August 26, 2010


JOLLY OLD TUNE- Graveyard girl by M83

Right now I am listening to Crystal by new order...again...even though I probably should be listening to one of the many cd's that I got from the library!! I got Joy division and more Joy Division, Sigur Ros, dinosaur Jr, Conor oberst & the mystic valley band haha that reminds me of that one episode of jimmy neutron, when they were trying to decide the name of their band and nevermind then. So today I just sat around being lazy but yesterdays yesterday we went to the beach and I thought I couldn't sunburn but apparently I can so now my face is all red hehe. Also I got my class schedule for this year! I got french with eden! But that's pretty much the only good thing so I'm going to try to use my dazzling charmingness to alter my schedule so I can be in a class with Victoria, haha. Which probably won't work because I have no dazzling charmingness :(
But anyways....
My new ipod, raffy, has a death wish and he's been jumping from high places and smashing into walls and now there's a bunch of scratches bleh.
other than that there's nothing to talk about
I love the xx. I bought their cd at target from their stupidly expensive music section about 8 months ago because I liked the cover ha. But they are like my second favorite band now because their voices are ridiculously amazing and stuffy stuff

If you don't listen to them you'll regret it FOREVER.....
I love this.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Blasting the ramones in my room as i write this

MUSIC: The view- typical time (take 30 seconds out of your time to listen to it. its short and sweet and to the point. i love it tho, it makes me happy, and i imagine it as opening credits to a show...for some reason.)
So, i got a bunch of songssss from the library the other day!!!! i was very very happy!!!! i got the ramones (why its blasting) cheap trick, kooks, smiths, the faint, cure, some regina, bend folds (for kicks) decemberists

i culdnt get elvis costello tho and i neeeeeed more cuz his voice makes me happy and i neeeeeeed that

also culdnt get big star :( makes me saddddddd waaaahhhhhh...i need to go back and get that....

Oh Alex Chilton, what a fine piece of meat you were. As you rest in your grave just know are now the wallpaper on my phone and your picture is hung on my wall.

one of my short stories made it to the home page of teen ink! yaya!!!! so please CLICK and rate and comment and read so that it can be put in the real magazine!!! Itsa new one so u probably havent read it yet :D

yesterday was the 23rd and we all know what that means!!! SHIRTS that kick a**! yay! and blue streaks in our hair! I dont have a working camera so culd someone take a pic of their shirt and post?????

AND now i leave you with a picuture also hung on my wall....

in large form....

Anton yelchin....i think i love you. just sayin. BYES!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

eden-- NOOOOOODLES!!!!

Hokay. Noodles. Yeah. Noodles are good. In fact, noodles are excellent.

And that, sadly I know, is all I have to say about noodles. Now you have to hear about me.

So... I do not recall if anyone mentioned that we went to the US Open of Surfing and saw Weezer (amarzin by the way)

but anyway, this is Weezer. With the lead singer wearing a Lady GaGa wig.

(I zoomed... we were not that close)

Super Kitty.....

Weezer with the lead singer holding a giant orange football

That video in my opinion is hilarious.


I now have a blue streak in my hair. So does victoria. Rhiannon will have her's come Monday *laughes maniacally* (I feel like I spelled that wrong... I do not like spelling wrong unless it is intentional)

I'm getting to the breaking point in my book where everything kinda starts to go downhillish. It's cool I think. Look at the link. Do it. Click. You see that? I even made it easy for you. :) I'm so nice.


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

rhiannon- my ears will never get tired of you

i could just sit in a tiny cave listening to their music until i die


I went swimming today

Monday, August 9, 2010

VICTORIA: Jubbly my little jubbly jubbly

Is that how you spell jubbly?


MUSIC: He doesnt know why by the fleet foxes

Ah well. this weekend we watched Angus Thongs and Perfect Snogging, That 70's show (i love...cake) nd Pleasantville at my house! After going to the US Open and saw Weezer play!!! it was amazing to see their beautiful faces through the pot smoke!

I also remember on the car ride home we discussed dragon tails. not actual dragon tails. but the show. And while browsing the interweb i came across this picture! aint it wonderful?

Also i finally saw Inception! and it was pretty amazing! I went in not thinking that much of it. Even though people were like "Ohmigosh this movie is amazing!" they said that about avatar as well, and i just didnt think that was THAT amazing. But this one. This one was 100% amazing.

I was thinking about love. Dont ask me why. But have you ever noticed that when you look at pictures of love...its always a couple kissing or hugging and stuff.
What about all the rest? Like dancing. And playing around. And everything! Or love between other people. Parents and children. family. Dogs. I don't know. I was just thinking. Rambling in my head.

This picture. I just thought this picture was pretty.

Friday, August 6, 2010


Song -- Flyswatter by Eels

i luf that song

Anywhoozle. Today I got my permit. Once it is signed (curses!!) then it'll be awesome and I can drive with a licensed person who is over the age of 25. So basically, I need to start driving...

If any of you peoples have been reading my writing (as can be seen in the edens writing link), I apologize for the lack of new chapters, this chapter is kinda important and I want to get it right.

Besides writing... it's the "Eden gets a bunch of cds" time of the month. So far I have gotten a Pixies cd, an Eels cd, a Queens of the Stone Age cd, the Postal Service cd (finally!), and more that I cannot think of or see.

rather optimistic don't you think... but it's alllll about perspective :)

So yeah. I'm out. Peace Dawg.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

rhi- oh i've just come from the land of the sun

MUSICCCCCC- Lua by bright eyes!

song stuck in my head-Flash delirium by MGMT
This song is amazing and their new album is amazing. I love this so much i'm gonna die.
I never really liked mgmt a lot a lot before. But this album is like wOooOAAHh. And they're even equally amazing live. ENTHUSIASM ASIDE.

The other day I went to see inception and I am still confused!! It was all about dreams and stuff and dreams inside of dreams inside of dreams so when they fell asleep/ woke up they weren't really awake but in another dream inside their dream inside their dream...or something! and there was this old man who i thought was a grandpa but he actually was not. AND there was the crazy wife who may or may not have been real. i just don't know. I made e explain it to me but i have no idea what happened. Anyways apparently other people got it so....yeah.
I love Marianne Faithfull (non bitter old lady version)

e and v and i went to second spin and i got a Doors record! and a pet shop boys cd, a cure cd, and a bob dylan cd that finally got after victoria indian gave 3 times!!! haha and today I spent the whole day reading 1984 by George orwell which I am loving! Oh! I got a new ipod tooo! His name is raffy! and he's pink! and I love him because he holds twice the amount of music my old ipod did!!! eep!

currently i am eating this weird jello from trader joes. It takes like laundry detergent or something. I think I'm just gonna throw this out.....

Anyways as you can probably tell i'm pretty bored. bored. So I'm just gonna do this thingy..

random! I also have a severe giggling at all the wrong times problem

happy! for the most part!


Awkward! totally and completely and horribly awkward

nerdy! not like school nerdy, just like star wars/lord of the rings type of nerdiness. And spelling nerdy. I can spell well (20 points)

Nice, for the most part unless i'm busy being awkward

optimistic, I don't like seeing things negatively

god another n.....UHHH, Nifty!!! hehe

i found this website a couple of days ago it has completely free and legal music downloads! Mostly a lot of good new bands but there's passion pit remixes and mgmt. and my new favorite person sean Bones!!