Friday, August 6, 2010


Song -- Flyswatter by Eels

i luf that song

Anywhoozle. Today I got my permit. Once it is signed (curses!!) then it'll be awesome and I can drive with a licensed person who is over the age of 25. So basically, I need to start driving...

If any of you peoples have been reading my writing (as can be seen in the edens writing link), I apologize for the lack of new chapters, this chapter is kinda important and I want to get it right.

Besides writing... it's the "Eden gets a bunch of cds" time of the month. So far I have gotten a Pixies cd, an Eels cd, a Queens of the Stone Age cd, the Postal Service cd (finally!), and more that I cannot think of or see.

rather optimistic don't you think... but it's alllll about perspective :)

So yeah. I'm out. Peace Dawg.

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