Monday, August 9, 2010

VICTORIA: Jubbly my little jubbly jubbly

Is that how you spell jubbly?


MUSIC: He doesnt know why by the fleet foxes

Ah well. this weekend we watched Angus Thongs and Perfect Snogging, That 70's show (i love...cake) nd Pleasantville at my house! After going to the US Open and saw Weezer play!!! it was amazing to see their beautiful faces through the pot smoke!

I also remember on the car ride home we discussed dragon tails. not actual dragon tails. but the show. And while browsing the interweb i came across this picture! aint it wonderful?

Also i finally saw Inception! and it was pretty amazing! I went in not thinking that much of it. Even though people were like "Ohmigosh this movie is amazing!" they said that about avatar as well, and i just didnt think that was THAT amazing. But this one. This one was 100% amazing.

I was thinking about love. Dont ask me why. But have you ever noticed that when you look at pictures of love...its always a couple kissing or hugging and stuff.
What about all the rest? Like dancing. And playing around. And everything! Or love between other people. Parents and children. family. Dogs. I don't know. I was just thinking. Rambling in my head.

This picture. I just thought this picture was pretty.

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  1. purty pictures!!! and it's dragon TALES jeez.
    they like to show the happy side of love...