Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Blasting the ramones in my room as i write this

MUSIC: The view- typical time (take 30 seconds out of your time to listen to it. its short and sweet and to the point. i love it tho, it makes me happy, and i imagine it as opening credits to a show...for some reason.)
So, i got a bunch of songssss from the library the other day!!!! i was very very happy!!!! i got the ramones (why its blasting) cheap trick, kooks, smiths, the faint, cure, some regina, bend folds (for kicks) decemberists

i culdnt get elvis costello tho and i neeeeeed more cuz his voice makes me happy and i neeeeeeed that

also culdnt get big star :( makes me saddddddd waaaahhhhhh...i need to go back and get that....

Oh Alex Chilton, what a fine piece of meat you were. As you rest in your grave just know something....you are now the wallpaper on my phone and your picture is hung on my wall.

one of my short stories made it to the home page of teen ink! yaya!!!! so please CLICK and rate and comment and read so that it can be put in the real magazine!!! Itsa new one so u probably havent read it yet :D

yesterday was the 23rd and we all know what that means!!! SHIRTS that kick a**! yay! and blue streaks in our hair! I dont have a working camera so culd someone take a pic of their shirt and post?????

AND now i leave you with a picuture also hung on my wall....

in large form....

Anton yelchin....i think i love you. just sayin. BYES!

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