Thursday, August 26, 2010


JOLLY OLD TUNE- Graveyard girl by M83

Right now I am listening to Crystal by new order...again...even though I probably should be listening to one of the many cd's that I got from the library!! I got Joy division and more Joy Division, Sigur Ros, dinosaur Jr, Conor oberst & the mystic valley band haha that reminds me of that one episode of jimmy neutron, when they were trying to decide the name of their band and nevermind then. So today I just sat around being lazy but yesterdays yesterday we went to the beach and I thought I couldn't sunburn but apparently I can so now my face is all red hehe. Also I got my class schedule for this year! I got french with eden! But that's pretty much the only good thing so I'm going to try to use my dazzling charmingness to alter my schedule so I can be in a class with Victoria, haha. Which probably won't work because I have no dazzling charmingness :(
But anyways....
My new ipod, raffy, has a death wish and he's been jumping from high places and smashing into walls and now there's a bunch of scratches bleh.
other than that there's nothing to talk about
I love the xx. I bought their cd at target from their stupidly expensive music section about 8 months ago because I liked the cover ha. But they are like my second favorite band now because their voices are ridiculously amazing and stuffy stuff

If you don't listen to them you'll regret it FOREVER.....
I love this.

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  1. haha yay change your schedule!!!! I love the first picture :D