Saturday, August 21, 2010

eden-- NOOOOOODLES!!!!

Hokay. Noodles. Yeah. Noodles are good. In fact, noodles are excellent.

And that, sadly I know, is all I have to say about noodles. Now you have to hear about me.

So... I do not recall if anyone mentioned that we went to the US Open of Surfing and saw Weezer (amarzin by the way)

but anyway, this is Weezer. With the lead singer wearing a Lady GaGa wig.

(I zoomed... we were not that close)

Super Kitty.....

Weezer with the lead singer holding a giant orange football

That video in my opinion is hilarious.


I now have a blue streak in my hair. So does victoria. Rhiannon will have her's come Monday *laughes maniacally* (I feel like I spelled that wrong... I do not like spelling wrong unless it is intentional)

I'm getting to the breaking point in my book where everything kinda starts to go downhillish. It's cool I think. Look at the link. Do it. Click. You see that? I even made it easy for you. :) I'm so nice.