Thursday, July 28, 2011


MUSIC: Teenager in love by  The Pains of Being Pure at Heart

So i have this embarrassing thing i watch on tv. Its kinda um....well. Uh. I dont really know why I watch it because its probably one of the worst shows that has ever been on mtv....and that channel has jersey shore. But, its Teen Wolf. And while some things on the show just seem.... over dramatic.... and when they change into wolves i cant help but laugh. I still cant understand why i watch it... one reason I think is for the best friend Stiles. Every now and then after i'm thinking to myslef "why the heck am i watching this?" Stiles does/says something funny and I think "Ohhhh riiiiiiggghhht" so in honor of the best character on one of the worst shows i will now show you funny moments.

Speaking of TV, i might as well tell you what i've been recording lately because I've had to work on the best times for TV!

When I first saw the commercial for this i was like "What?..... Are they serious?.....No way!.... OH MY FREAKIN GAWWWDD!" and i literally jumped up and down on the couch. seriously, i'm not even kidding.

this was my favorite skit on all that. I always looked forward to it. hehe. every now and then (usually with my mom cuz she remembers it, when she says my name i quote it.

I also record......


What do you guys watch???? on tv or netflix.

Thursday, July 21, 2011


Music ^^ heaven knows I'm miserable now by the smiths
look at 'im dance... haha

He knows when you are sleeping,

He knows when you’re on the can,

He’ll hunt you down and blast your ass
From here to Pakistan

You better not breathe,
You better not move,

You’re better off dead I’m telling you dude

Santa Claus is gunning you down

I've been watching a lot of futurama and star trek lately. and I didn't put this spacebar on correctly... so if I make any errors in spacing, that is the cause.

you're correct, that IS Richard Nixon's head biting Fry's arm

Mr. Spock and Captain Kirk

Captain Kirk rocking a new style...I think it's sexy *wiggles eyebrows*

I'm kidding. He's bleeding and his nipples are showing.


Friday, July 15, 2011

rhiannon: still life

so stuff has been going on and I've actually been really really busy which never ever happens. first of all we had our first week of work and stufff. it was horrifically terrifying on the first day but then I realized it wasn't that bad. People buy the darndest things. anyways we all went to the premiere of harry potter and the deathly hallows part deux. it was stupendously good. and it was funny. I was hoping it would be really funny. the only part i'm sort of sad they didn't elaborate on was that in the book fred died laughing and i thought that suited him and all and they sort of just perused over that and yeahhhh it was great. and ron and hermione's kiss.....AHHH! that was so funny/cute. okay I'm done now. 
yeah so yeah bye!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

VICTORIA: Daydream Nation

Music: Who Knows Who Cares by Local Natives (I love how uplifting this song sounds)

So a lot has been going on in my life and im not very happy about it. I will start off happy though :)
This morning I watched the movie Daydream Nation with Kat Dennings and Reece Thompson and Josh Lucas. It was suuuuuuppperrr good. I think its my new favorite movie....well with Charlie Bartlett, which Kat is in also. ANYWAY it was really good and kind of weird at times.... but super good! and left me with that warm inspirational feeling which I kind of needed.

So here are many many pictures and gif...s (i think thats what the kids are calling it these days) of the movie....many.

I told you many.

ANND we now work at ralphs. Proof.

my face is blocking his belly

In other news though, my Aunt is in terrible shape with her cancer. Last weekend I went over and she seemed fine and was walking around and everything. Then yesterday and today we came to her house and she couldn't talk, she couldn't get up and she now has a nurse living with her. Its terrible. Its just weird how in one moment someone can be fine, living fully and fighting, and in another moment they are giving into death. I just don't understand. I don't mean to make this all depressing so I will just say this. Watching my Aunt who seemed so healthy before, now dying, just makes me want to live life to the fullest every moment of every day.

on a brighter note i was watching the glee project this morning after i watched that movie and i fell in love with this guy

he almost went home! even though i only watched this one episode i really really want him to win. As you can probably see he looks like someone i would like :) and his voice is amazing.

have a nice life everyone :)

Thursday, July 7, 2011

it's summertime eden

music: I'm a believer by the Monkees

Good morning.

It's not morning anymore. I'm walking around the house wearing that shirt and asking people paper or plastic. ON A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT NOTE, I GOT MY AP SCORES.
US History - 3
English Language - 4
Calculus AB - 5
Physics C-Mechanics - 4
Psychology - 4

I am so happy. The scores have been sent already to UCI. I very much hope that I can get in there.

Monday, July 4, 2011

rhi an on sun sun sun

song: 5 years time by noah and the whale
hey people! tomorrows fourth of july! yay fireworks! and then work of exciting though. I'm sooo bored right now. I do not have any obligations or anything to procrastinate on. so I'm kind of just sitting here trying to work up the effort to go to sleep. I tried to have a lucid dream the other day by following guidelines. haha I was bored. Apparently you close your eyes and lay on your back with your arms at your sides completely still and eventually you slip into unconsciousness. I was too sleepy to try to sleep though so i just fell asleep the normal way. 
I got a bunch of neat-o stuff from first friday and I had a really good time! 
a guy that looked like a young james franco was all like it's good to see you here hun to me and I was like eep.


yeah anyways happy fourth of july!!! and if you dont live in the us have a nice monday!!!