Monday, July 4, 2011

rhi an on sun sun sun

song: 5 years time by noah and the whale
hey people! tomorrows fourth of july! yay fireworks! and then work of exciting though. I'm sooo bored right now. I do not have any obligations or anything to procrastinate on. so I'm kind of just sitting here trying to work up the effort to go to sleep. I tried to have a lucid dream the other day by following guidelines. haha I was bored. Apparently you close your eyes and lay on your back with your arms at your sides completely still and eventually you slip into unconsciousness. I was too sleepy to try to sleep though so i just fell asleep the normal way. 
I got a bunch of neat-o stuff from first friday and I had a really good time! 
a guy that looked like a young james franco was all like it's good to see you here hun to me and I was like eep.


yeah anyways happy fourth of july!!! and if you dont live in the us have a nice monday!!!

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