Thursday, July 28, 2011


MUSIC: Teenager in love by  The Pains of Being Pure at Heart

So i have this embarrassing thing i watch on tv. Its kinda um....well. Uh. I dont really know why I watch it because its probably one of the worst shows that has ever been on mtv....and that channel has jersey shore. But, its Teen Wolf. And while some things on the show just seem.... over dramatic.... and when they change into wolves i cant help but laugh. I still cant understand why i watch it... one reason I think is for the best friend Stiles. Every now and then after i'm thinking to myslef "why the heck am i watching this?" Stiles does/says something funny and I think "Ohhhh riiiiiiggghhht" so in honor of the best character on one of the worst shows i will now show you funny moments.

Speaking of TV, i might as well tell you what i've been recording lately because I've had to work on the best times for TV!

When I first saw the commercial for this i was like "What?..... Are they serious?.....No way!.... OH MY FREAKIN GAWWWDD!" and i literally jumped up and down on the couch. seriously, i'm not even kidding.

this was my favorite skit on all that. I always looked forward to it. hehe. every now and then (usually with my mom cuz she remembers it, when she says my name i quote it.

I also record......


What do you guys watch???? on tv or netflix.

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