Sunday, January 22, 2012

So its been a long time....

Music: What a Pleasure by Beach Fossils

So it's been a while because I guess I kind of forgot about it... sorry! So a lot has happened and also not a lot at all. It really seems like we've been going to a lot of concerts though... so here are some bands we saw...

hindu pirates


the growlers

black lips

AND coming up we have a week off and we plan to chill by the beach by day (and work i guess bleh) and go to concerts by night. We plan on seeing the following:

ra ra riot
dr dog
soft pack
surfer blood
youth lagoon
cloud nothings

so that should be fun! We also decided for graduation we would be going on a very grand road trip around california. I have lived in California for my whole life and have never really stepped out of the OC for very long so it should be fun! We want to go to places like Venice Beach and Santa Monica (pretty close to us), a place called Carrizo Plain, with just a huge field of flowers that we want to frolic in., Sana Barbara, San Francisco, I thought it would be cool to go Yosemite and basically all the places that are in california that we've never had the chance to actually go to! Plus it will be our last hooplaaa before we settle into our lives as ... adults? Or at least together if Eden goes to MIT. Anyway the plan is to move in together after high school but we shall see what happens!

Sorry for the long time of not posting!!!!