Thursday, June 30, 2011

VICTORIA: oh summer

Its summer time which makes me very very happy! I've been waiting for these days for too long.
However, now that its here and i'm not consumed with homework, dance, and school, i just do not know what to do with myself.
The other day i was so bored i cleaned my room.

Music: Shot in the Dark by Augustana

To me summer used to me partying every night with all the neighbors in my apartment complex, i would watch as they all got drunk and slightly more funny, and i would go night swimming, eat burgers from the bbq, listen to music and wait for all the other neighbors to complain. Now everyone is gone but my mom and I, summer just doesnt seem the same.

Like everyone said we all go jobs at ralphs.
I started writing a little again.
I'm craving the beach so I think I'll go today.
I'm gonna look for some change because that picture of a slurpee really makes me want one.
I really want to try and break out of my shell and meet new people. Its just time.
I got a new wallet. It looks like a sandwich. No really. Its a sandwich wallet.
I got new glasses. Now i can be blind in style.
Nat and Alex Wolf are in LA and we are going to see them! My mom already said yes :)

And thats all the random things I have going on in my head right now.

oh wait.....

this makes me laugh. Two very ridiculous things put together.

okay thats it. See ya lovely people on the flip side :)

Sunday, June 26, 2011

how strange




so yeah, like Ronald darling said we have jobs and that's pretty cool. And stuff. uhhhhhhhh yeah....

music: emotional rescue by rolling stones

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


song : roslyn by bon iver and st. vincent

guess what guys? the kickass cult all got jobs in the same store! we're employed! oh happy days!
So I'm a happy camper although I will be saving the majority of my money for later to move to long beach. I feel like a lot has changed since I've last posted. but I can't remember what has changed so here's a long montage of pictures that describe me at the moment
i'm in love with michael pitt in the dreamers
eva green has taken over zooeys place in my heart haha
no but really she's freaking fantastic

I'm obsessed with Justin Vernon

and baby hippopotamusses 
night tiuuumeuh
rupert grint (as usual)!! 
who is, by the way, dressed as alex deLarge.
which only makes me love him more
david lynch-y stuff

summer in 1 day! yippee!