Wednesday, June 22, 2011


song : roslyn by bon iver and st. vincent

guess what guys? the kickass cult all got jobs in the same store! we're employed! oh happy days!
So I'm a happy camper although I will be saving the majority of my money for later to move to long beach. I feel like a lot has changed since I've last posted. but I can't remember what has changed so here's a long montage of pictures that describe me at the moment
i'm in love with michael pitt in the dreamers
eva green has taken over zooeys place in my heart haha
no but really she's freaking fantastic

I'm obsessed with Justin Vernon

and baby hippopotamusses 
night tiuuumeuh
rupert grint (as usual)!! 
who is, by the way, dressed as alex deLarge.
which only makes me love him more
david lynch-y stuff

summer in 1 day! yippee!

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