Wednesday, August 4, 2010

rhi- oh i've just come from the land of the sun

MUSICCCCCC- Lua by bright eyes!

song stuck in my head-Flash delirium by MGMT
This song is amazing and their new album is amazing. I love this so much i'm gonna die.
I never really liked mgmt a lot a lot before. But this album is like wOooOAAHh. And they're even equally amazing live. ENTHUSIASM ASIDE.

The other day I went to see inception and I am still confused!! It was all about dreams and stuff and dreams inside of dreams inside of dreams so when they fell asleep/ woke up they weren't really awake but in another dream inside their dream inside their dream...or something! and there was this old man who i thought was a grandpa but he actually was not. AND there was the crazy wife who may or may not have been real. i just don't know. I made e explain it to me but i have no idea what happened. Anyways apparently other people got it so....yeah.
I love Marianne Faithfull (non bitter old lady version)

e and v and i went to second spin and i got a Doors record! and a pet shop boys cd, a cure cd, and a bob dylan cd that finally got after victoria indian gave 3 times!!! haha and today I spent the whole day reading 1984 by George orwell which I am loving! Oh! I got a new ipod tooo! His name is raffy! and he's pink! and I love him because he holds twice the amount of music my old ipod did!!! eep!

currently i am eating this weird jello from trader joes. It takes like laundry detergent or something. I think I'm just gonna throw this out.....

Anyways as you can probably tell i'm pretty bored. bored. So I'm just gonna do this thingy..

random! I also have a severe giggling at all the wrong times problem

happy! for the most part!


Awkward! totally and completely and horribly awkward

nerdy! not like school nerdy, just like star wars/lord of the rings type of nerdiness. And spelling nerdy. I can spell well (20 points)

Nice, for the most part unless i'm busy being awkward

optimistic, I don't like seeing things negatively

god another n.....UHHH, Nifty!!! hehe

i found this website a couple of days ago it has completely free and legal music downloads! Mostly a lot of good new bands but there's passion pit remixes and mgmt. and my new favorite person sean Bones!!


  1. yay nifty! hehe nd mgmt!!! yayaaaaa

    YOU SAW INCEPTION! i neeeed to see that!