Thursday, July 29, 2010

EDEN!! -- from my bed to your computer...

And yes... that would be my mattress....

Heh... I think my title is clever.

SO ANYWAY!!! On the first birfday of the awesome KICKA** CULT we decided to paint my bed. Except initially we planned on moving some furniture around too... that just... didn't happen. EITHER WAY! painting my bed was rully rully fun. I like saying rully... ANYWHOOZLE (which i like to say too) Rhiannon and Victoria did an amarzin job on painting my bed... which just sounds so odd... as does from my bed to your computer... hmm... BUT THEY DID! I just like... made lines... that aren't even worth posting pictures of because they're so laaaame.

ME!- Blue
Victoria- Orange
Rhiannon- Red

Victoria's side of.. MY bed...

Rhiannon's side of MY bed... jeez... bed stealers. Where the h*ll am i gonna sleep???

Song in my head (mind) -- where is my mind? by pixies

IN OTHER NEWS! I saw inception. That movie was f*cking awesome. I'm sorry. The f bomb had to be dropped to explain that movie. BECAUSE IT WAS AMAZING!!!!! I NEED TO OWN THAT MOVIE!!! But not illegally... because that's like... illegal...

I WANT TO BE in Hawaii sitting at the beach/outside reading a nice book and at peace with the world

I WANT TO BE making house a home with the person I love

I WANT TO BE walking in random countries but knowing I'll be fine because I'm holding the person I love's hand

I WANT TO BE a person who doesn't have to sit at a desk to work... because all I need is a pen

I WANT TO BE signing books one day because they loved my work and wanted to meet me

I WANT TO BE waking up to the person I love looking at me like me being with him and looking back into his eyes is the most important thing in the world

Sorry... that's really mushy... oh well... hopeless romantic :)

peace love and happiness... but most importantly love


  1. yay bed!!! hehehe!

    ur such a mushy person! *poke* mush!!

  2. Awww...your bed is adorable! How creative!

  3. Thank you!! It was a completely random idea but it's awesome :)