Sunday, July 4, 2010


Song of my summer!............ and last summer but whatever!

So as aforementioned, we saw eclipse and it was terrible but the bubbles made up for its lameness. So this morning was a sort of actively lazy day. Active because I rode my bike everywhere, Lazy because I rode my bike to places where I could sit/lay down. I went to Seven Eleven to get my peach tea, then to the beach to read the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy and I found this new blog that's not new on my phone, it's like a whole blog compromised of submitted stories about love. It's sort of depressing and really entertaining in a mildly sad way. If that makes any sense. Anyways then I went to the library (wooo)! I got a giant book on the Doors.

I really want to go to Venice Beach now that I know that Jim Morrison actually lived there and walked there once. I've been there about ten times before, but I think I'll appreciate it a little more now that I know some of its history ya know??
I've been listening to a lot of the strokes and she & him lately .
I love lying in the sun and just daydream while listening to music. Those are the moments when I am the most happy and carefree

Oh and by the way! Happy 4th of July !


  1. yay edward!!! i love sitting and listening to music too! especially in the car...i hate it when people (chuck) try to talk to me tho.

    anywhooo great post

  2. haha love the photo with edward scissorhands...and that last photo of where the wild things are is so cute!

  3. Thanks for your comment!
    Such a summer tune from The Strokes - great choice!