Monday, July 12, 2010

rhiannon-Let's D▲nce to Joy Division

this is a really good movie.

oh. and I drew this yo.
sudden outburst of joy division-ness tehe.

So last night I spent the night over at Eden's with victoria and eden. We put on a improv puppet show! It was based in Russia and it had a very very complicated plot that combined the little mermaid, the princess and the frog, and what was the other one? Someone will explain it better because we will post the video later on once we get enough nerve to bless you with our show.

We rode our bikes in circles and somehow got to 711 where we got slurpees (that word bugs me) and Laffy Taffy nomnomnom. And then we watched a bunch of youtube videos CHARLIE, courtesy of Victoria the youtube Junkie, and then we watched a movie and another movie and Eden scared me with her new stuffed bear that victoria got for her that has blood on its teeth and claws the blahblahblah. Today after i got home I finally repotted my dying plants into a bigger pot that I drew crazily on. It's relalalaay cool. It's like a whole story and you have to follow the headphones, I'll show you next time. New Cd's eep! My favorite is Belle and Sebastian's Push Barman to Open Old Wounds.

song- I want to be a billionaire (sooo friickin baad :D) by Travis mccoy!! hehe

ohand I really want to see this movie


  1. i was wondering what that movie was when i saw a picture for it! it looks so amazing we HAVE to see it!!!!

    I got the billioniare song! ill give it to you!

    Yay bob dylan! yay band of horses! ohmigosh! feist! yay!

    i already said this but great picture!!

  2. yay!! and I bought the black keys song!! so I'll give that to yoooou
    and we do have to see that movie when it comes out.
    -rhiannon n nnn n

  3. joy division! my favorite! i loooove your collection of cds. band of horses i love. lovin your blog!!

  4. joy division is the best! and thank you!