Friday, July 23, 2010


TODAY IS.................... the first birthday of the Kicka** Cult!!! And and yeah. Apparently today Rhiannon, Victoria, and I are going to paint my bed... because it's a loft bed (bunk bed without bottom bunk). I suppose "we're going to paint my bed" sounds weird... but it's gonna be cool.

In other news, Victoria and I went to Drivers Ed (finally....) and we're now able to get our permits. YAY!!!! I'm rully rully scared for the behind the wheel stuff because like... the only think I've driven is a golf cart... and you have to take off the word golf and a t to get car...

Besides that nothing has really happened with me...

But... you should check out my other blog. Oh and I've been writing a bit more (if that interests you at all click here). So yeah...

Hahahaha I have done that so many times... except I wasn't a cat... or was I o.O

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  1. i didnt really look at the pictures the first time i read this so im glad i went back!! (except for the funny cat)

    I love the first picture! I have always been kind of fascinated with bird cages for some reason...i was actually about to buy a small one the other day but i didnt have enough money

    Anywhoo... GREAT post!