Friday, September 10, 2010

RHIANNON:London here we come! 2 years

songaga-the don by the view

So! A lot has been going on lately because school has officially started! blehhh. I don't really have any interesting classes....all I have is english, chemistry, math, french 3, history, and photography (but I'm switching into marine bio). Anyways, not really interesting.And I don't have any classes with any of the nicknamed people :( But yesterday we went to our schools first football game and it was fun! I bought starburst and a sprite hehehehe and we talked and didn't watch the game all. And then we talked about dance moves with two random guys. and then we went to the other side where the other peoples team were and we sat there for was more fun than it sounds okay!?! So yeah we did that and then today I saw bellagio! Which is the foreign exchange student in victorias class. And we sat at the table next to his,quite creepy I know. And on monday, we are going to talk to him no matter what!

So after school today me eden and victoria went to wendys and we started to talk about when we turn 18, which is amazingly not too far away, and how we should go to england when we graduate as sort of a graduation thing for ourselves. Unfortunately, they will both be adults and since my birthday is in november I will be labeled as a child on the flight there. HOW Humiliating! Anyways, this actually seems like something we can actually can do and now I'm really excited because I've been to all the states (except tennessee and maryland) but I've never been out of the country. I have a giant poster of london on the wall by my bed and I've been dying to go there forever
sorry I couldn't resist!!
  • being with friends and not parents! (no offense mom)
  • its pretty there! And they have telephone booths!!

  • English Accents
  • Meeting people our age there

  • The music and the tiniest chance of meeting pete doherty
kooks concert in LONDON
  • the weather

  • and all of the cheesy tourist attractions that I really want to see!

  • the clooothes
  • they have trains!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Charlie! and wine gums! And barf(bath) which is not london but we can take the train there or sumthin
  • camden town!

as you can see I'm excited.

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  1. mee 2!!!!!!!!!!!!! ahhhhh and we gotta go do shopping in kesington, just sayin, and i know its lame but i wana see big ben and get a list of where all our favorite bands are located and try to find at least one!!!!!!

    and omigod i wana go to top shop so freakin bad!! you have no idea!

    and yussss charlie (i watched his american accent video...hahahahahahahaha he sounds so nerdy and funny)
    and winegums! and and and oh! one of the hostels is close to a train that goes to liverpool! i wana go to liverpool!!!!
    and then sing im back in liverpool and everything blah blah blah

    ANywhoooo BRITISH BOYS!!!!!!!!!