Sunday, October 24, 2010

VICTORIA: Spider Man.

MUSIC: Nantes by Beirut (I Love love love his voice! so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Friday I saw It's kind of a funny story, and it was kind of a funny story! It was really good. I love love love the guy in it! He was in US of Tara and hes just a cutie.
We've been kind of having movie fridays....or like fashion Island fridays for the past few weeks. Its kinda cool! Last time we saw Easy A which was swell! And before that The Social Network.
SPEAKING of both those movies! Eduardo or Andrew Garfield (really) from the Social Network is playing Peter Parker in the new spider man movie. And Emma Stone from Easy A is playing Gwen Stacy in it. Its gonna be released july 2012, and im wondering if i'll ever really get to see it.....
Aw well heres a picture of him.

You cant really replace Toby Maguire as Spider Man. But hes just like... GOOD LOOKING.


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  1. and the reason you can't replace tobey maguire effectively is that he was a good spiderman but not all that good looking and having a good looking spiderman is going to be WEIRD