Thursday, October 21, 2010

Eden ---- meep mop smeegly whee

So uh don't ask about the status.... PICTURES FROM HOMECOMING!!!!

my face is all like :D victoria's is all like :) and rhiannon's is all like D:

yeahhhhh we so kewl in our leather!

I look so scary in this one....

nice face victoria... seriously... I LOVE YOUR FACE :D
uh so like yeah today I applied for a job at second spin (used cd store) and it took me like an hour online and they kept asking the same questions and it was like ERGGHHH "are you patient?" agree BUT NOT WHEN YOU'RE ASKING ME THIS OVER AND OVER. So yeah I hope I get the job......... :D
ALSO, uh I posted on my other blog because victoria was taking a long time to post and like I wanted to post so clicky on the edens blog link if you wish to see it (disclaimer: it ain't all that happy).
ALSO, I need to start writing again... at present I'm "attempting" to do math homework and like... yeah I'd rather be reading Looking for Alaska by John Green which victoria let me borrow....
ALSO, today a guy yelled at rhiannon and I "wanna buy some sconces?" or that's what it sounded like to me and it was really really amusing and then we proceeded to pretend to sleep like hobos at the park and I scared a bird away by crawling towards it... all in all a pretty nice day
ALSO, we're seeing it's kind of a funny story tomorrow!!! sadly I cannot do anything on our K.A.C. day because like i'm going to a play and babysitting I do so believe........ SO YEAH TOMORROW IS THE K.A.C. DAY TECHNICALLY BECAUSE LIKE YEAH I'M A FAILURE AT LIFE AND ON THAT NOTE GOOD DAY TO YOU
(music: Endlessly by Muse... I enjoy this song a lot)

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