Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Music: Kings crossing by elliott smith!

IT's RAINING! and thundering and lightninging!
from the new Urban catalog
I couldn't resist...

Today I had Pancakes! I'm really excited about this! Ever since I dropped french I've had a free period in the morning to do whatever so I went and had pancakes and watched the rain. Which was nice. So yeah nothing is going on...but I'm strangely excited to begin working at this Boutiquey thing! We volunteered there the other day to like, sort clothes and stuff. The guy said we could probably keep some of the clothes so I'm excited. And then after we're finished volunteering there I'm going to apply to get a job at Second Spin! Which is a used/new music store....I hope they accept me for whooooooo IIII ammmmmmmmm *sobsobsob*. That was weird. Or Barnes&Noble. Anyways!

Speaking of second spin! I bought a cd there the other day from there called A Collection of Songs Written & Recorded 1995-1997 by Bright Eyes.
and its perfect because it's bright eyes...

hummmmmmmm what else? Oh ya! At our school we have this thing called mentor monday, it's like where you pick a career path and people with those careers come in and educate you. I picked music! I was about to pick animals though but I didn't :( I'm kind of sad that I didn't but I think the music one will be fun yo. And I'm really anticipating it (I've used the word excited to much in this post), because ya.

So now I'm going to go and make hot chocolate and watch the rain while it's still here. goodbye!

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  1. yay! urban outfitters guy...but not the one from school...the actual one! yayayay!