Wednesday, November 10, 2010

eden ------- late as usual

Sorry... I automatically assumed that rhiannon would take forever... but then INFORM me that she posted... I was sadly mistaken.

I've posted two more chapters in Take a Hike... so clicky the edens writing thingy

Also I apologize for not seeming as energetic as I probably do most of the time I'm just tired and trying to figure out if the stalking victoria via google latitude is going to work...

I plan also to be asleep until 2 tomorrow... thought you should know that I'm looking forward to that

Click here if you would like to see the blog of hilarious things (often sexual as well so don't go looking if you don't like cursing and such things) that I have put up so as not to like... offend anyone on multiple sites. I made one site to offend.

^^ I haz no words

^^ it gets you through the day

I love kitty pictures.
bye for now

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