Saturday, April 2, 2011

Victoria: La Blogotheque

So i got a new computer!!!!! finally!!!!

my old one was just very very very sad.....

but my new one is very very very happy!

ANNNDDD i just realized that it has a webcam! i didn't even know that until i started making this post!ANYSWAY. today i have a dance competition and thought i would blog before i left.  I'm also 17 now. isnt that exciting? and i can finally drive! yay!

So i'm kind of obsessed with zack condon from Beirut. His voice just makes me melt and stuff.

lately i've been watching a lot of the old lablogotheque videos on youtube. if you aren't subscribed to it you really should! They are a french channel on youtube and they do these things called takeaway shows with differeent artists. this one above is beirut but they have done a bunch from my favorite artists like priscilla ahn, noah and the whale, johnny flynn, the kooks, mumford and sons,the morning benders, arcade fire, villagers, and other people like andrew bird (his is really good!) and sufjan and stuff. its a really good place to discover new artists. Thats how i found one of my favorite bands villagers (as shown as my computer wallpaper above)

here are some of my favorite ones just to give you an idea.... but seriously you should go check out the other ones:

I love how old this one is (2006)

(I couldn't find the video from the actual channel but its still by lablogothequeand its johnny flynn so i had to post it)

(mumford and sons and johnny flynn!!!)

last one.... maybe just one more cuz this ones my favorite...

sorry for the video overlaoad but i couldn't pcick the ones i liked the most!!! there is also themorning benders one and noah and the whale and all these other ones!!!!!!!!!

anyway last part.
MUSIC: The Pact by Villagers

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