Monday, June 28, 2010

Victoria: FIRST POST

Music playin in my head and on this blog: Just a Boy by Angus and Julia Stone


I am victoria. That is my name. It is the least original out of the three. I know least five Victorias. But i think i'm original. Everybody is really. Here is what makes me original: I am 16, but still dont drive. I live in California. When i was little my favorite place to go was the beach(picture 1). I loved playing in the sand and staying by my moms feet as she read her magazine. I liked to look out at the ocean and watch the waves and people crashing against them. I still do (picture 2) but sometimes I get to be one of those people. I LOVE fashion (picture 3). It is my life. No joke. If I don't have the right thing on i FREAK out. It will become this thought in my head that won't go away. I HATE looking like everybody else. But sometimes...i actually find it refreshing too. I don't know. I am a contradiction. I like taking pictures of myself (picture 4). Not because I am obsessed with me or anything. I just like to. Its fun to keep them on my computer and then look back and see how i've changed. I also like taking pictures of what i wear (back to picture 3) and then posting them on my other blog (link on the side) which focusses more on my fashion. I love to write. Currently i am writing a book that sort of has all of my beliefs and likes and dislikes that i put into this one character named Jane. ANYWAY! One day i started to become obsessed with balloons (last picture). Dont ask why. Because i don't know. I just am now. That's why i named my blog my floating balloon. There is just something cool about them. I love red ones. I think their magical. Hehe. I'm weird. And music. It's a big part of me (no picture to describe because i can't pick one to depict it). I keep my musical interests more to myself. But at night i usually blast it in my room so only I can listen.


We are best friends. Rhiannon, Eden, and me. I first met Rhiannon in kindergarten. I first met Eden the summer before second grade. We all came together in fourth grade. We have been friends ever since. We are not like those girls who travel to other groups and "cliques" and what not. We stay together. Yes. We have our ups and downs. And yes. We have made mistakes. At least i have. But here we are today. Making a blog together about our cult we created. No. You cant join sorry. It's just the three of us. (unless you want to jump off a cliff upside down while eating...what was it? ice cream?) Anyway. We are best friends. And part of the KickA**Cult. Please keep reading to see the other two members and watch as we post to see how different we are. But somehow the same. <3>
PS: i think i've written enough but i forgot to tell how we started the cult! Can someone please explain it in their post???

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