Sunday, February 20, 2011

rhi- moo

song: dear boy cover by bodies of water (yay no more of the song that freaks me out!!!)

I love this videooo so much!!! I didn't really like the song, but after watching it so many times it kind of grows on you, like a fungus! it took me a second after to figure it out because at the end you're just like....what the fuck....? But then you're like ohhhhhhhh

anyways I've made a resolution. I'm going to eat healthier, not that you care, if you do thank you creepy stranger! haha just kidding, I don't think you're creepy, unless you really are, then I do. I've been drinking arizonas everyday now, as victoria and eden know, and they have tons of sugar in them...whyyyy :( how can something so good be so bad it's tea so it should be healthy. On top of that I go home and have whipped cream in a cup and hot chocolate (separate.) and then I have pizza. so basically I don't want to die of horrible eating habits so I have to reform my ways. starting today. 

yesterday I watched eternal sunshine of the spotless mind
it's another one of those movies that I've been meaning to watch (as aforementioned in previous posts) for forever but never actually got to it. Yesterday I was so bored though so I just decided to watch it. what an amazing movie. it seriously blew my mind like wooooooahhhhhhh. I liked it a lot. maybe I'm overexaggerating. but I don't think I am. dude, it was so goooooooooood. 
i found out while i was copy pasta-ing these pictures why I put this movie off for so long. I completely underestimated Jim Carrey which I will never do again.


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