Sunday, February 27, 2011

Victoria: Better to Be

TOPHER GRACE! Best music video ever. hehee. if you don't get it....there a bunch of 80s movies. just saying. I dont really like the band but... ITS TOPHER GRACE!

Kings of Convenience. Please watch this! He is such a cutie dancing all funny! I've watched this about 20 times.... heheeh . They are from Norway! which i think is really cool :) And well, the guy with the glasses is just so quirky cute and the other guy looks funny with a middle part but with a side one is very handsome. Just sayin. WATCH!

And one more.... its not a music video its just a video. Alex Pettyfer from I Am Number Four and Beastly (before both of those movies when he was in a chick flick with Emma Roberts) heehe he seems rilly rilly funny

MUSIC: Better to Be by Liam Finn (i got this at the library because i thought the cover was cute and I really really love his Cd.)

Lastly, I made a new blog!!!!!!!!!!!!! visit it here ---> Cellar Doors and Lullabies I can finally post about whatever i feel like!!! yay!

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