Thursday, January 6, 2011


songg: fountain stairs by deerhunter

happy 2011! I'm really excited because I know that this year is gonna be gooooooooooood. or it better be. anyways for new years I went to mount charleston and played in the snow and then waited in the car with the heat on because i was frozen because I was wearing my converse. and then we went back to vegas and had fun and I got to drink champagne annd watch the fireworks on Las vegas blvd. I even got a RED CUP!! and i've been watching the office nonstop too which by the way is better than skins, even though i went on sort of a rant of how great it was in the last post, nothing beats the office

my red cup and I

christmas stuff:

dvds (benny & joon !(from eden) (hahahahahaha the parenthesis are in parenthesis!!!!), control, the wizard of oz)
a lovely binder from victoria
a ron shirt! also from victoria
a where's waldo book from eden
a necklace from victoria
a bunch of stuff from h&m
cds: belle & sebastian, ben harper, bon iver, elliott smith, deer tick, damien rice, deerhunter, wolf parade and roxy music
an apple laptop from my mooom
a beatles shirt
new guitar strings
a macys giftcard
a beatles poster
a bright eyes poster which is really prettttttyyy
and I think that's all

happy new year!!!!
i hope you had a good december
OH and one more thing

he's so cute when he's not trying to rip your fingers off

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