Thursday, January 13, 2011


EDEN! I was so excited to do this post!!!
Hokay, so i cant do top 5 like you did, i just cant do it!
In no specific order.....

1. The Morning Benders- Excuses "And I made an excuse, And you found another way to tell the truth, I put no one else above us, We'll still be best friends when all turns to dust" It's not so much the lyrics that i love about this song, it's really the music and the chorus of voices. Not to go all weird on you, but i really think this song shows a more mature level for the morning benders compared to their last album. It has more depth. Even if it is about SEX. 2. Fleet Foxes- He Doesnt Know Why "Memory is a fickle siren song, I didn't understand"  Again, i like this song more for the music rather then the lyrics. I love the calmness of it ; 3. Noah and the Whale- The First Day of Spring (album as well)
"It's the first day of spring

And my life is starting over again
The trees grow, the river flows
And its water will wash away my sins
For I do believe that everyone has one chance
To fuck up their lives
But like a cut down tree, I will rise again
And I'll be bigger and stronger than ever before
For I'm still here hoping that one day you may come back
For I'm still here hoping that one day you may come back
There's a hope in every new seed
And every flower that grows upon the earth
And though I love you, and you know that
Well I no longer know what that's worth
But I'll come back to you in a year or so
And I'll rebuild, be ready to become
Oh the person, you believed in
Oh the person, that you used to love
For I'm still here hoping that one day you may come back" (I put the whole song in.... becuz this one i love becuz of the lyrics and i couldn't pick my favorite part :) I even used this song for an english assignment to represent transcendentalism) 4. Bright Eyes- The First Day of My Life  AND Land Locked Blues "And theres kids playing guns in the street, And ones pointing his tree branch at me, I put my hands up I say enough is enough, If you walk away, Ill walk away, And he shot me dead"
AND "Yours is the first face that I saw, Think I was blind before I met you ....... This is the first day of my life, Glad I didn't die before I met you,But now I don't care I could go anywhere with you, And I'd probably be happy" I think i love his voice a little too much.....
5. The Smiths- The Boy With The Thorn in His Side (up untill this point all the songs have been sorta folky and calm....and now the smiths! Yay!) "How can they look into my eyes, And still they don't believe me ? How can they hear me say those words, Still they don't believe me ? And if they don't believe me now, Will they ever believe me ?"6. Arcade Fire- Neon Bible "Take the poison of your age, Don't lick your fingers when you turn the page, What I know is what you know is right, In the city you see only light, It's the Neon Bible, the Neon Bible, Not much chance for survival" this song is super haunting sounding. That's why i like it so much.7. Katy Perry- Fireworks (Um.....heheheheheehheeheeee might as well be honest with myself. I listen to her way to much then i should. and i like it.) I'm not gonna add lyrics cuz i think we all know how it basically gos  8. The Decemberists- Summersong "Summer arrives with a length of lights, Summer blows away, And quietly gets swallowed by a wave, It gets swallowed by a wave"

Other songs i'm obsessed with currently but am not dedicated enough to the artist yet:

1. Ship of Promises- Villigers
2. I Feel It All- Feist
3. Tighten Up- The Black Keys
4. Two Way Monologue- Sondre Lerche
5. Friends- Luke Top

PS: I fially updated the blogger posting thingy! Now uploading pictures is not as difficult!!!!!!!!!!!

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