Monday, January 3, 2011

Oh school....

BLEH! School started again :( It makes me sad

MuSiC: Ship of Promises by Villagers (Listen Rhi! You will really like him!!!!)

So for New Years E and i went to the beach and took random photos of each other, which i am not going to post, i'll let E decide if she want's to reveal those embarassing photos, while Rhi was in Las Vegas doing fun stuff! We watched E's little brother and sister...well she did, and we watched Dazed and Confused, and The Twilight Zone, and some soap opera.... heehehe and decided to do this one thing about our perfect guy... that she can explain cuz she better at it...

ANyway! I took these pictures of the beach...

I really like the last one!
And E took this one of me....

hehe im smiling....

So i think i'll tell ya'll what i got for christmas so... BRACE YOURSELF!

- A new camera! (I'm so happy about this cuz now I can finally post pictures with a camera thats a. not my moms and b. not pink!
-The Big Bang Theory season 3! ahhhh that's like all i was doing for a few days.... watching this show! I love it soooo much!
-Benny and Joon and Flipped
-Lemon/vanilla spray from bath and body works! YUUUSSS now Megan, Rhi, and i can all smell the same!
-$50 gift card to the record store where i purchased:
  • Sex Pistols
  • The Smiths- the queen is dead (i really really wanted this one! all i had was meat is murder and now i have this one with a bunch of songs i'm in love with!)
  • Bright Eyes- A collection of songs... blah blah blah and also Lifted or the story... blah blah
  • Elvis Costello- My Aim is True
  • Best of Bowie
  • The libertines
  • The Faint
  • The Velvet Underground- Loaded
  • Belle and Sebastian- The Life Pursuit
  • Clash

(Some of these i actually got at second spin, with some money i also recieved)

-A lot of clothes from H&M

-A scale.... i was like wtf?? when i opened it, but then i remembered telling my mom that we really needed a digital scale... so yeah im happy now

-Along for the ride by Sara Dessen from Eden. I've been wanting this book since last christmas and it was really reallly good!

-A decemberists poster from rhi (Yay decemberists!)

-a gift card to Kean and The counter from my neighbor heather

-a bunch of roxy stuff from chuckles....

-a necklace from my grandma and some make-up


-a hair brush.....

-a new coat! (i picked it out!)

-and a raincoat!

ZAT is all for now! <3>

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