Monday, December 13, 2010

Eden --- mehhhhhhh

So. Hai there. How are you?

I'm supposed to say my top five cheesy moments and I'm just going to number them in the order that blogger uploaded them. Because I love them all equally.

  1. Nightmare Before Christmas (SHUT UP I KNOW IT'S A CLAYMATION THINGY! STILL!)

2. Definitely, Maybe (the part where she runs out of her apartment building and yeah)

3. It's Kind of a Funny Story (even the picture is cheesy... but still)

4. The Notebook (Noah and Allie dancing in the street)

5. Never Been Kissed (the part where the teacher comes and kisses Drew Barrymore)

Heh... :D
and what sucks is there's SO many that I can't think of. I'm absolutely positive of it.

This creepy spider keeps trying to get in my room... I just stopped it again. *shudder*


Dreams have been on my mind a lot. I really just love them and all the ideas and mysteries that surround them. I felt the need to share that. I made a dream blog actually... so yeah. Maybe dreams have been on my mind because I've been sleeping so much...


uhhhhhhhhhh..... I've discovered an awesome comic... and here's my funny blog again... I haven't felt like editing it on the sidebar...

OH and for anyone who actually read my book on quizilla I changed where it is... and you need a password to get to it... so uh I guess you can ask me on here? That is if you're not Rhiannon and Victoria. Yes, I'm assuming that someone out of our followers is reading this. I know... I shouldn't assume stuff like that...

I'M BOOOORED and might go make a grilled cheese...

MUSIC! : Wouldn't it Be Nice by the Beach Boys... this song makes me happeh

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