Friday, December 3, 2010

Musik: (i like spelling music wrong :) Two Way Monologue by Sondre Lerche

HOKAY so i really was happy with the last posts! Cuz... like they included cute boys!!! EDEN! Ryan Gosling MHHHHMMMM.... RHIANNON! Bob Dylan and Aaron Johnson double MHMMM

ANYWAY so i was thinking about writing more in my book but im having a hard time figuring out how not to make it a cheesy love story. But then i remembered how much i loved cheesy love stories.... which made me remember that i had to post on this blog which gave me the idea of another list.... hehehehehehe

Top 5 Favorite Cheesy Love Story Moments: (in no order)
SIXTEEN CANDLES: When he shows up at the wedding and even though we all knew he was going to be behind that car that drove away, we still were like "Awwww.... there he is!"
10 THINGS I HATE ABOUT YOU: Ok duh! the best part of like any teen movie! Heath singing with the marching band to his girl on the soccer field while security guards are chasing him! Best moment ever!

CANT HARDLY WAIT: After years of obsessing about her, and many miscomunications, she finally finds out the owner of of the sweet letter was him, the goofy nerd guy who is the cutest thing ever. And of course she finds out right at the time he's leaving for some other important thing to see his favorite author or something, and so she finds him at the train station, where they kiss and he takes a later train. It's not the scene that i like so much as the cheesyness of him obsessing over her and writing a sweet letter to her and all that stuff! UGH what is with these guys! why cant they be like this in real life!

SPIDERMAN 2: yusss i had to put this in here! Mary Jane running away from her wedding to find Peter Parker and tell him that she doesnt care what happens to her if hes spiderman! Ohhhhh Toby you are a cutie!

PENELOPE: This is probably my favorite movie kiss. Not because she has a mask on, but becuase of how the starts it. If you saw the movie then you would remember how in the beginning she is tyring to figure out his instrument....ugghhhhh you know what i'll just add the clip. Its my favorite scene ever. a
(sorry for the subtitles)

i dont know why i like it....i just do!

Anyswayyss this one is also on the list if i could decide.....but i cant so im just making it 6I loved this one! When Penn did all of the things that Emma Stone had said she wished other guys did in real life like in old 80's movies!

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