Saturday, December 18, 2010

VICTORIA: Hoolidays

Music: Land locked blues by bright eyes

soooo i went on google and sat there trying to figure out what to search.... and i typed in your mother.... and google came up with "your mother is so fat the recursive function computing her mass causes a stack overflow" hehehehe ohhh google you are too funny.


ITS ALMOST CHRISTMAS TIME!!!... im gonna make this more festive..... ITS ALMOST CHRISTMAS TIME!

yup thats better :) hehehe

in honor of christmas i am going to make a list (dont feel you have to do this too, you can if you want but i really just dont know what else to do so...)


1. The music. I'm not a huge fan of christmas music. it gets stuck in your head and its just..... eh
2. the crowded stores. who doesnt hate that?
3. the stress of it all

1. Giving gifts (i love giving gifts!!!!)
2. Getting gifts (we would all be liars if we said we didnt)
3. the weather! (ya, i know it doesnt snow in newport but its cold! and right now raining! thats good enough for me!)
4. Break from school! Yusss 2 weeks!
5. The decorations ( i love looking at peoples houses and seeing them all lit up)
6. The tree (it just makes everything seem so....amazing)
7. Tho food
8. Cheesy Christmas movies! (C'mon! we all love a happy ending!)
9. Family ( i dont get to see my family that often so its nice having an excuse)
10. the toys (this ones for when i was little.... christmas meant toys to me!)

If you don't celebrate christmas.... Happy Holidays!


  1. Yo mama's so fat that it is likely that she is suffering deficiencies of several important vitamins and minerals due to her penchant for selecting food items based on emotional desire instead of nutritional requirement.

  2. your mama's so fat that-- HOLY FAT! XD