Saturday, December 11, 2010


Song: winter '05
I'm so excited right NOW! I convinced my mother to decorate this christmas!!!!! Which hasn't happened since we moved from minnesota so i'm excited! Umumum right now I'm simultaneously typing this and watching skins on netflix. It's a really good show, once you get over the initial shock of all the nakedness in it...

sooo THE OTHER DAY I watched this movie called paper heart. It had charlyne yi and michael cera in it. It got really lame reviews but I didn't find it lame at all...even if the acting was kind of bad. It was supposed to seem real i guess, but it was about a girl who doesn't believe in love that is filming a documentary about love and in the process falls in love with michael cera. And they played themselves too, like michael cera was michael cera. Anyways I thought it was sweet and not lame and there were a bunch of little love stories in it so it was cool.
couldn't find my favorite scene but whatever this one ees fuuny
AND YESTERDAY eden, victoria, and i went to our friends christmas choir concert in our school theater. It was really fun but I had a little bit of a giggling control problem. Like during really serious songs I'd think to myself "wouldn't it be really horrible if i started laughing right now" and I'd start laughing at the thought of me laughing. Lots of people were really good singers too. And there were people who you wouldn't expect to sing good but they were like amazing! Like that one guy! and our friend sang let it snoow and did a rully rully good job!
I just ate 15 peppermint marshmallows and now I feel sick.
And TODAY victoria was in a dance show and she did a super fanstastical duperistic yay! greatness job! In her waldo costume.

that is all I'm going to focus all of my attention on skins now!

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